Beautiful Places to visit in Kolkata and things to see - Explore the city Kolkata

Places to visit in Kolkata and things to see - Explore the city Kolkata

There have so many cities in India, and Kolkata is one of them, where Trams are still running, but it is something different than others. If I say it is a city where the trams are still running, then? will it give impact on your thought?

Places to visit in Kolkata

In Kolkata wherever you will place the camera you will get some perfect shot. If you are looking for delicious foods or authentic restaurants, or a quiet place to sit and enjoy the view, you can get in one place and that is Kolkata.
My this much words are not enough to describe her, how much you will go to discover her she will become exposed herself more and more to you.

From Kumortuli to Belurmath, or Eden garden to Indian museum all are situated in Kolkata.
One of the oldest things in India is a tram, which is still running from one to another corner in the city.
It is a city with lots of heritage, lots of history are connected with it, This is 'city of joy', this in Kolkata.
There has a lot of places to visit in Kolkata and countless things to discover in the city of joy.

In this article, you will find the places to visit, which are situated in Kolkata, India.

#Victoria Memorial Hall

Places to visit in Kolkata

Victoria memorial is a big marble palace standing in the heart of the city. A white marble house which is open to all Indian and foreigners every day from 10am to 5pm. Entry fees are started from 20INR per head.
Outside of this house, you will find a large beautiful garden all around of that and inside you can see all the valuable piece of content from paintings to historical things kept in 25 separate galleries.
You are visiting Kolkata and without seeing victoria memorial it is incomplete to you.

#Howrah bridge

Places to visit in Kolkata

One of the oldest bridge in India and it is made with a suspended span, to cross the Hoogly river from one side to another side. The bridge is fully made with rivetting and you will become amazed by seeing such a beautiful bridge in our incredible India.

#Princep ghat

Places to visit in Kolkata

Princep Ghat is a good tourist attraction of Kolkata and a good place to spend some quality time with your loved once. It is a ghat built during British raj in 1841 and now it is well maintained.
It is situated along the bank of the Hoogly river, where you will obviously enjoy the beauty of the river with a mild breeze. And the evening view will steal your heart. So if you want to spend some beautiful moment and enjoy an evening with a beautiful view Princep ghat can be the place where you can go to Kolkata.

#Eden Garden

Eden garden, situated in Kolkata, India is the oldest cricket ground in India. It has a current capacity of 68,000. It is around 150 years old and the oldest cricket stadium in India.
Mainly it is home ground of Indian cricket team and Bengal cricket team. Test cricket, international ODI, T20 all are played in this cricket stadium.

#Science city

Science City Kolkata is the biggest science museum among the Indian subcontinent.
A perfect blend of science and fun. You will find a large place inside of the science city where fun is boundless. If you are the first time visiting science city Kolkata then keeps in mind the timing is 09.00 am - 09.00 pm, and cost per visit 50 INR.
You can find dinosaurs here, obviously artificial but the world of the dinosaurs are truly incredible, looks like real. You can also find countless things related to space and of course a science auditorium here. Some kind of rides is also available there for fun.

#Indian Museum

Places to visit in Kolkata

Indian Museum is the biggest museum in India and it is the ninth oldest museum in the world. It is also called 'Jadughar', you will find all the oldest things here, from paintings to ancient ornaments, mummy, ancient sculptures, marine life-related things all you will find in one place.
Now if you are planning to visit there then keep at least 7-8 hours in your hand so then you can discover all things peacefully there.
Entry fee is 10INR for every Indian and around 150INR for every foreigner.

#Alipore zoo 

The oldest zoo in India and a famous tourist attraction in Kolkata, India. It is made over 46.5 acres of land. Consist of more than 100 nos. of species and more than 1000 nos. of animals, birds and a separate place for reptiles.
If you visit here during the winter you can find various types of birds, animals which comes from different part of the world.

#National library

National Library was established in 1836 as Calcutta Public Library, but in 1953 it is marked as the national library of India, made over 30 acres land and consist of more than 2.2 millions of books and a lot of maps and other documents.
It is the largest library in India, situated in Kolkata. If you are a book lover and love to spend time reading books then obviously this place for you. It is open in all working days between 09.00 am to 08.00 pm, and 09.30 am to 06.00 pm on Saturday.

#Botanical garden

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden previously known by Royal Botanic Garden, situated in Howrah, West bengal, India. It is spread over an area of 270 acres land. And contains more than 12,000 specimens.
The botanical garden consists of the world's largest Banyan tree, which is more than 330 meters in circumference and a variety of trees. Some of the lakes are also situated there and some other animals like fox and a large number of snakes are also found there inside of the garden area.

#Old Chinatown

Tiretta bazar or old china town is located in central Kolkata near Lalbazar. This place is heaven for the who loves Chinese foods. You will get the morning breakfast to evening snacks at a very cheap price.

Most of the Chinese foods at this place are easily available at s low price. If you are visiting Kolkata, then it is a place you must visit once to enjoy a variety of Chinese foods in one place.
There have lots of other places which are very famous in Kolkata, some of them are

#Park street
#Belur Math
#Dakshineswar Kali Temple
#Birla Planetarium
#Kumor Tuli

If you are going to plan a trip or visit to Kolkata then it is a list of places to visit in Kolkata. You can get the location easily by putting these name in Google map, or by asking any people in Kolkata. Make a checklist and put the names of the places to visit in Kolkata, and plan your trip.

Reason of why Bengali people cannot Diet Properly - An overall idea about bengali foods

It is very difficult to understand Bengali people, and especially are you going to give them some advice about diet? listen, Bengali people do their diet only before any festival arrive. You are now thinking about what I am saying like a mad, so please listen before you go.

Here, I am going to discuss the reason why Bengali people cannot diet properly 

bengali food

Yes obviously Bengali people are health conscious but most importantly they love their food same as like other precious things.

Now you are obviously thinking why they do diet before the festival, okay there has some reason too.
They just try to burn some calories to lose some extra weight from their body.

So, during the festival people can understand how fit they are, and how attractive they look like.
To know the exact reason why Bengali people cannot diet properly you have to know the delicious food menu in Bengali culture.

They eat a lot of foods every day and on every occasion, and because of their taste they cannot control themselves from eating those delicious dishes every time.
Now I am going to tell you the varieties of dishes Bengali people use to eat in most of the occasion.

Durga puja-

The biggest festival in Bengali culture is Durga puja. Where Bengali enjoy a lot and with that, they consume countless varieties of foods than any regular days.

This festival mainly has 5 days, Sashthi to Doshomi.
In these 5 days how many dishes they use to eat they also don't know. From veg to non-veg dishes, sweet dessert to ice cream all those are common in Bengali foods.and then you may make an idea why Bengali people cannot control their diet.

According to me, they do diet because to make up these calories to again take a position in their body.
They do not worry to eat anything in these days of the festival.


It is the Bengali new year, it is another big festival in Bengali culture and now you can make an idea about their menu.
From vetki paturi to kosha mangsho they eat everything they want.

Most importantly there have so many cultural programs throughout the whole year except those mentioned above where the secondary attraction is food.
Without food Bengali festivals are incomplete.

Now I cannot wait to tell you about some mouthwatering dishes, every Bengali people love to eat.


Bengali food

A dish mainly originated in India. It says that when the Mughal was here in India, then they have invented this dish.

It consists of rice, a big piece of meat, and boiled egg, and a big piece of soft potato, which makes the Kolkata biriyani different from other types of Biriyani.
To make Biriyani we use Ghee(clarified butter), which increases the calorific value of Biriyani.
Now you can think why Bengali people cannot maintain a proper diet.


Bengali food

Main sweet dish in bengal.It's spongy, the white look will definitely steal your heart.

It is made by chhena, and then dip into the sugar syrup. Now make an idea about the calories intake by eating this sweet.
Bengali people eat this delicious sweet 4-5 at a time, so how they can reduce their weight.

There have countless types of food, whose mouthwatering taste make everyone Foodaholic.
Lots of snacks, dessert and foods are available in Bengal, which is too delicious that everyone can enjoy their taste.
There have some more random facts about any Bengali people, that's why they cannot maintain a proper diet.

Now if I will give you a common example you can understand it very easily.

A very common dish that any Bengali people use to eat any day, that is Kochuri. A Matarshutir (Peas) kochuri can give you around 50 calories for any time you eat it.
Now any normal Bengali people can easily eat 5 to 6 kachori together at a time. So just imagine how much calories it can be.

It is much interesting to know how you can burn these 50 calories, contains in a Kachori.
You can take a walk at 6 kmph for 15 minutes or run for 5 minutes at a speed of 11 kmph or you may do cycling for some times.

  • Thoughts

Every Bengali people are passionate about food and there have tons of delicious recipes available in Bengal which you will be wondering to try. In this article, I have shared my idea about a delicious variety of dishes that are available in bengal.

My main focus in this article not to criticize any culture or their people.By saying why Bengali cannot maintain a diet I have tried to show these delicious foods of Bengali culture in a way of fun.

Every culture has it's own beauty and I respect to all.

07 healthy breakfast ideas - that can keep yourself healthy | FYP

07 healthy breakfast ideas - that can keep yourself healthy and make you full for all-day-long

Healthy breakfast

 Every day we want to start our day with some healthy breakfast, we all want to eat healthy food at the start of the day but sometimes we get confused with a lot of food, and most of the time we cannot decide what we really want to keep in our breakfast menu.

It is not something that you have to eat some baked foods in everyday's breakfast, but instead of that if you know what to keep in your breakfast then you can easily get it in your hand every day.
When you sleep during night your body does its works and the foods also burn at that time, so start your day with some healthy and heavy breakfast.

If we can start our day with a portion of healthy food then we can easily maintain a healthy breakfast every day. Healthy breakfast will not just keep you full but it also reduces the craving for food for a long time through the entire day.

If you want to keep yourself healthy and fit then healthy food at breakfast is the key to your healthy lifestyle.

So keep healthy breakfast every day and lead a healthy lifestyle:

1 Smoothie made with Melon and Kiwi fruit

Healthy breakfast

                      Image by Tesa Robbins 

A healthy drink can boost your energy level to high and make you full for the entire day.
Kiwi is a fruit sweet and tangy in taste is extremely energy booster, and when it mixed up with milk, honey it increases the nutritious value of the smoothie. You can add more fruits in it like melon, papaya, grapes etc.

2 Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest drink in the world. It is something which you should include in your everyday's breakfast to make it a healthy breakfast.
It contains caffeine improve the alertness and moods and also with that it increases the metabolic rates. Also helpful against diabetics.
Green tea is something that can burn your fat by increasing your body's metabolic rates, works as a fat-burning food.

So in every morning don't forget to keep a cup full of green tea in your breakfast.

3 Spinach

If you are looking for something that will be healthy and can easily help you to reduce your fat then spinach can be a healthy food option for you.
You can easily make some spinach pancake with a simple recipe includes milk, yoghurt, whole wheat flour, mushroom and also you can add some amount of cheese.
It can be a great option for breakfast, brunch or tiffin.

4 Baked egg whole wheat bread

healthy breakfast

Choose whole-wheat bread every time it is super healthy and a great breakfast for you. And with that, it can maintain to keep a boiled or baked egg at the same time with that breakfast nothing can beat this combination.
Eggs are filled with nutritions and whole bread do not make you fat, they can make you full for the entire day, reduce the cravings for foods.

5 Water with lime juice

If you can keep a glass full of water mixed with lime juice in your breakfast it can actually work for you.
Cause  Lime juice works as a fat-burning food like green tea mentioned above, it reduces fat from your whole body. So do not forget to keep lime juice water in your breakfast, cheers.

6 Breakfast salad

healthy breakfast
Image marijana
Who do not keep fruits or vegetable in their daily health routine?
If you are going to choose a healthy breakfast then you should keep lots of fruits in your breakfast menu.
A bowl of salad with fruits like an apple(great fat burning fruit), banana, strawberry or melon can be a great option for you.
Or replace this fruit salad with some lettuce, chicken sausage, eggs, tomatoes and make a healthy plate for your breakfast.

7 Toast breakfast

Just take some piece of whole-grain bread and put into the toaster, then apply a layer of cheese or butter, it can actually be healthy food. Now if want so you can also add some of the fruits slice baked or raw and them eat. I especially like some slice of apple or avocado baked or raw.

Bonus tip

This is not something that you can eat in your whole breakfast but dark chocolate can help you to reduce the extra fat from your body and you can also keep dark chocolate in your healthy food list.
You are walking along the road, just open the packet of chocolate and give a bite, it then also can work as a good source of healthy food.

Types of Japanese dish Sushi - Find the most popular dish of japan Sushi | FollowYourPassion

Types of Sushi in Japan

Sushi is a dish mainly originated from Japan and it is one of the most popular Japanese dishes which is known by most of the people around the world. Japanese people enjoy to eat SUSHI every time and the most common reason for that, it is mainly originated in Japan.
If you want to know the history of sushi then here is the article for you: The entire history of sushi in Japan
Image Milada Vigerova
During its innovation "sushi" was prepared with pickled fish which was preserved in vinegar. From the first time, the main ingredients are fish, but lots of days have passed and so a lot of change has come to make the dish.

Main ingredients to make sushi:
Sushi rice: It is flavoured short-grain rice, with salt, sugar and vinegared
Nori: Wrapper of sushi, made with dried seaweeds.
Seafood: like fish, octopus use as toppings
Vegetables: to use as the ingredients of sushi, various vegetables are used to make a different kind of sushi.

Now it is a dish contains rice which is also containing sushi vinegar. With the time a different type of sushi has invented.

I am going to tell you the most popular types of sushi you can get in all around Japan are :


It is a type of sushi which contains a cup mainly made from seaweed(dried) and rice and the cup are filled with some kinds of seafood. There have a lot of varieties of Gunkanzushi, and some of the common ones being different types of fish eggs from different fish and sea urchins.

There has no other special manner to eat Gunkanzushi, just dip it into soy sauce and a little ginger and wasabi then just grab it and enjoy the flavour of Gunkanzushi.
You can use chopsticks or eat it with the use of your hand.


Another most common and also popular types of sushi is Nigirizushi. Made by small rice balls as the base of sushi and then use various kind of fish like tuna, shrimp, shellfish from top of the rice.

Some times octopus and fried eggs are also used as toppings of Nigirizushi. 
In simple words, it is one kind of sushi used different kinds of a slice of fish as toppings over pressed over vinegar rice.


Besides the Nigiri and Gunkanzushi, Oshizushi is popular the same as above.

There have different toppings are layered as the toppings of vinegared rice and then they are pressed together. These vinegared rice and the different toppings are kept one over another into a mould (called 'oshibako') and then they are pressed by weight from the top, so it gets its shape.


This is technically a sushi roll, make differently in different places and the main difference come by its thickness and size and ingredients of the rolls. Rice used in sushi and some other ingredients are wrapped in a dried seaweed sheet. Easily get in Japanese restaurants.


Temaki is a type of sushi, sometimes called 'hand roll'. It is cone-shaped sushi, a wrapper made with seaweed keep to the outside where sushi rice, different kind of fish and lots of ingredients kept to the inside of the sushi wrapper.
Sushi means it includes different types of fish, so Temaki is not different from this list, a lot of variety of fishes are used to make Temaki sushi, which also increases the taste of this dish.


Chirashi in one popular types of sushi in Japan also called Chirashizushi. Specially served on happy occasion in Japan, it is a popular Japanese dish.

The word 'chirashi' means scattered, so it is mainly a big bowl full of rice with fish, vegetable and other ingredients of your choice. All of the ingredients include in rice makes this dish so tasty.

As like the other countries of the world Japanese culture has lots of different things which is so unique and so that if we try to discover Japanese culture then we can find various things like sushi.
If you are more interested in sushi then this article is for you: The entire history of sushi in japan

As it is the most popular dish in entire Japan, so it is not only bound up to these above types, there have a lot of different kinds of sushi except for those mentioned above.
They are also the same popular like other dishes in Japanese cuisine, and also well known by every people.
Whenever you are visiting Japan then sushi is one dish you should try once. This famous dish is well engaged in the Japanese culture.

Some other types of sushi are :

  • Sashimi sushi
  • Uramaki sushi
  • Temaki sushi

5 Reasons Why should We Stop Using Plastics | FollowYourPassion

Why we are so confused to reduce using of plastics?

stop using plastics

Plastic is a problem for all of us, it is a problem worldwide and also for every creature on the earth.
If we think about the benefits of plastics then we can find many answers regarding that, you will find a brunch of answers regarding this topic.

Why is it?
The simple answer is 'Plastics are the same harmful as it is beneficial to us'.It's like two sides of a coin, you can find a lot of benefits from that and as like that the harmfulness of plastics on our earth.

In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why you should stop using plastic.

Plastic bags only increase the pollution on the earth

The number one reason, it only increases the pollution on earth day by day.
If you'll go to the park you will find it, if you will go to the beach then you will find the plastics, outside of your kitchen, playground, movie theatre and even in the inside of our house.
Why? Because it is lightweight, easy to carry and so it can easily be blown by air or can easily flow from one places to another by water.

Most of the places on the earth are polluted today because of plastics. Some of the places in India get waterlogged after 5 minutes of rain, you know the reason, it's plastic which flows with water and blocks the drainage system.
And sometimes it causes of floods.

You can find many of the ponds are filled with plastics, and nobody cares about such thing, and wastage are increasing day by day.

Plastics can easily travel through the water

You know why it is impossible to handle plastics? just because it is not heavy as like metal or glass, it can travel anywhere through the water, from coast to coast or from one sea to another, and it tends to impossible to keep plastics in one place while it is floating over the water. In five minutes it can be travel more than a mile through water.
And by which millions of algae, harmful bacterias and other non-visible species can travel through it from one sea to another sea, then it can spread disease.

It is a big matter to think today to handle plastics everywhere on our Earth.
We just use something on the beach and threw it away, we just do not think about our responsibilities, we should put it into the dustbin after use and if there have no dustbin available then we should put it into our bag and threw it into the right place.

Plastics are not Biodegradable

It takes thousands of year to breakdown the plastics bags. They are not biodegradable, means it doesn't breakdown by the natural process on the earth.

We just use plastics bags and any such things made from plastics and after using them we through them here and there, we really don't care about our environment, ask yourself should we do that?

If you see the time, any plastics takes to become destroy you will become amazed, it is more than the time a glass bottle to become destroyed.

A plastic bag may take more than 1000 years to breakdown into smaller pieces, and then also it continues to pollute our environment.

All plastics are not recyclable 

Your coffee cup made with a mixture of paper and a thin layer of plastic, are not exactly recyclable.
The layer of plastic is used in the cup to prevent the liquid from coming out, and the plastic only can be recycled if we can separate it from the paper. It is such a time-consuming method and so why most of the time it is ignored.

So it is better to stop using them and even stop producing such a thing which cannot recyclable.

Plastics are harmful to wildlife and marine life

Do you feel good to see a cow is chewing plastic bag while eating grass or some fish are swallowing some small particle of plastics?
If not, we should take the step against plastics.

It is necessary for us today to reducing the use of plastics or to stop using of plastics. They are too bad for wildlife animal and marine culture.

Take the step to save them and say no to plastics.

The bottom line

We all know the hazard with the plastics in our environment, it is really a serious issue today. We are maybe trying to reduce the use of plastics and some of us not even trying, but all have to focus on preventing the use of plastics.
If you look at the GOOGLE today you can find around thousands of article like this, about preventing the using of plastics, and all have created to increase the awareness.

stop using plastics

But even if we'll not try to save our environment then nobody can force us to do it.
Be kind, love your environment and make the habit of stop using plastics.

The 14 Peach Trees - A Poetry by FYP

    The 14 Peach Trees - A Poetry by FYP


Sometimes I feel lonely, sometimes I need you too much besides my pillow, sometimes I need you to have a beautiful dinner with me, your face will be glittering next to the table Infront of me, sometimes...

It all has been started 13 years ago; I was just sitting on the chair next to you(a stranger) in the station.

It was a little cold that evening and I was just craving for a cigarette at that time. Already there has a packet of cigarettes in my pocket, which I have just brought before 5 minutes of entering the station. I was thinking to smoke, but the station master and the 'NO SMOKING' signboard in front of me were preventing me from it.

After a few moments when the station master was vanished from there, I have taken a step ahead to smoke. Those days CCTV cameras were not used in everywhere like today.

In a minute I also have started smoking one of the 4 cigarettes left in the packet. 
Once I've looked at my watch and discovered it was just 7.23 pm in the evening, and before it turns to 7.24 pm someone has sought at me, "haven't you any sense of humour? You are smoking in the station? Will I call the station master? I cannot bear to smoke, stop it now, otherwise, I'll call station master."

I didn't have any option at that time except thrown it away.

It was the girl sitting next to me on the same bench. After throwing this cigarette we were arguing and when it has finished it was around 7.35 pm.
We both were silent for 5 min and then she has first asked me my name, I also have asked where she from and where she'll go, after a short introduction a little discussion has happened between us. 

Then after five minutes, my train arrived in the station, I have started a journey for my destination, and she was waiting for the next train to reach to her station and it all ends up here.

Before I'll discuss further I want to let you know, I am a guy, doing a job, living in my house in a small village, a little away from town, love to make paintings of nature, and also a nature lover.
As a hobby, I also love to read a different kind of books.

One day I was just walking along the way, besides the river. 
It was exactly after two days of this argument happened with the girl in the station.
When I was walking across the road between Peach trees, it was afternoon, the water of the lake was glittering like small diamonds in it. 

After sometimes my phone has started ringing, looked at my phone, I have got a call from an unknown number, I received the call and for the first 5 seconds, I didn't find anyone's voice from the other side of the phone.

And after 5 seconds I have discovered someone's voice and surprisingly it was a girl. When I have asked for her name, she said 'Richa', I hardly tried to find someone I know by this name but my mind has become puzzled. When the second time I have asked how she knows me, she replied: "I am someone you have met in the station by an argument."
It was me who was laughing by holding the phone at that moment by remembering the last moment of the station when we both were exchanged our mobile number.

A few months have passed, slowly she became my good friend.

One day we have met in the riverside, the sky was a little cloudy and cold breeze were blowing.

That day I have seen her face for the second time since we have met at the station.
We were sitting beside the river and just sharing our likes and dislikes.
Believe me, I was super excited to become her someone closer, since I have met with her a while ago.

It was a moment when she has started talking about her parents, how she loved them before they have got divorced. 
Now she lives in her house, 300km away from mine, it was too far from where I live.

When she has told me all of that, suddenly she asked me about my girlfriend, as I have been single since my school life it was pretty clear to me, and I replied her by "I don't have any," she just didn't say anything by hearing that, we both were silent. 

It was 6.25 pm in the evening, and we were about to leave that place. But she lives 300km away from my home, so it was quite difficult for her to reach there by time.

As I also stay alone in my home, so I offered her to spend that night at my home, she agreed with that.

After we reached to my home we were talking too much, the silence evening has got someone who can fill the void by her voice and when the time turns to 9 pm I didn't see.

Nothing was there to eat in the fridge, all I could do to cook something at that time for us.

After 5 min when I have called her, I've found her inside the kitchen, and she was cooking something for both of us.

Okay, she made some rice and vegetable curry.
At 11.05 pm we have started our dinner, A little later when she was busy with her mobile, I was staring at her beautiful face for a few seconds. 
Suddenly one magic occurred, I lost my control, I've asked her to be my someone special for the lifetime. 
She came closer to me and kissed my forehead and said 'Yes'.

It was not predicted by me.
I have become spellbound, I hold her tightly between my arms, and said 'I Love You'.

All I wanted to hold the moment for some more times that evening.


Today 13 years have passed, Richa is not with me now.
She is laying peacefully beside the road, between the 14 peach trees, where I have discovered her voice for the first time,13 years back from now. 
And now I am living with all of her memories.

7 regular habits for your healthy lifestyle - you should start from today

7 easy to follow habits which are effective to improve your health and leads to a healthy lifestyle.

We all are aware of our health, but when it comes to healthy habit most of us started thinking that we have to go through some tough step to follow these habit.

But naturally, if you will follow some good habits for the lifetime you can improve your health more beautifully.
Here I will share 7 easy to follow habits which are effective to improve your health and leads to a healthy lifestyle.

healthy lifestyle
Image skeeze 

#1 Brush your teeth daily

The first thing in our daily life to start a day and also an important thing to follow. Do you brush your teeth daily basis? If no, then you should start this from today.

Why? cause your teeth is one of the things in your mouth which come in contact with every food. When you sleep after dinner the food left between your teeth develop some bacteria which can cause some health hazard, such as diabetes, heart disease and some others.

Some times the bacteria can grow and flow through the bloodstream, which also leads some disease and cause harm to our health.

So, if you don't have the habit of brushing your teeth a daily basis at least 2 times a day, adopt it as soon as possible, you will get the benefits.

#2 Don't leave your breakfast blank

Next important thing after brushing is taking your breakfast daily.
Most of us don't take our breakfast every day and then use to take some brunch food after a time.

But have you ever thought how much it is important to take breakfast for daily basis?Why?When you take breakfast you fill your stomach with foods, which helps you to avoid food craving for a long time after taking breakfast. Technically it is helping us to consume fewer calories through the time after breakfast, and so why you will gain less fat in your body.

Also, it is necessary to have some high protein food with less fat in your breakfast for daily basis.
So, if you leave your breakfast for every day you should stop doing that and adopt the good habit of taking breakfast every day.

#3 Take a walks for some extra miles everyday

We everyone may have heard this advice at a time in our life, more walks indeed mean more benefits.
With every mile during walks, you are burning some calories from your body, which is the main cause of fat gaining.

So that doctors recommend having a walk during lunchtime or in the morning. During walking your skin is getting sweat and with that, you are burning some extra calories from your body and at the same time you are losing some fat.

#4 Drink more water every day

Why is it? Our body is made by approximately 60% of water, from here you can get an idea of how much water is necessary for our body. Drinking of plenty of water will not just help our immune system but also beneficial for weight loss.

If you are drinking a glass full of water before having a meal it means naturally you will consume less food and so why it will prevent some extra calories to go into your body.

Drinking of water also increases the brightness of your skin. A mature male should drink around 3 liters of water in a whole day and for a mature female, the amount is around 2.5 liters in a day.
So, if you are in a diet, try to drink some more water every day for your healthy lifestyle.

#5 Avoid drinking soda

Any drink contains soda is bad for our health, you can say it is the enemy of your healthy diet. If you are consuming cold drinks contains soda and also sugar immediately stop drinking that.
A study says drinking soda can cause higher blood pressure, obesity, high risk of metabolic syndrome and many others.

So if you are willing to start a healthy lifestyle stop drinking soda immediately.

#6 Stop eating junk food

One of the biggest enemy for your healthy lifestyle. The oil contains on it can lead to gain unhealthy weight and also contains more calories than you need for every day. When you cannot burn those calories it leads to produce fat in your body.

Replace your junk food with green veggies and some high protein foods, and start a healthy habit as soon as possible.

#7 Sleep early at night

If you also sleep late at night or love to watch movies till late at night so it's especially for you, stop doing that and start going to bed early at night. Your health will get benefits from that.
We all know the words 'early to bed and early to rise', it actually works

It not only helps you to wake up early also helps to start a fresh day.
When you use to sleep late it leads to reduce productive hormone of your body, increase the craving for oily foods and you gain unhealthy weight.
healthy lifestyle

No one can change your habit, you always have to aware about that, everyone only can guide you to do that by their best. So start making the change and lead a healthy life.

What does it mean to have passion for something in your life? FYP

What does it mean to have a passion for something in your life?

Do you have any desire for something which is endless? or you want to do somethings by full of your heart? if your answer is 'YES' then, of course, you have the passion for that particular thing in your life.

But only this is not enough, the definition or meaning of passion is endless, it doesn't complete in just one or two sentences. It is the most important part to understand before you will find the thing you are passionate about.

Have you ever asked any question to yourself that, what the particular desire in your life you want to fulfil? or something that you wants to do from your heart and nothing can push you behind against it? You can do anything to get yourself towards it? So, if you have ever asked these question to yourself try to find the answer.


You have, I have, we all have passion in our life but the most important part arrives when we try to find the meaning in our life.

Have you ever tried to find the passion in your life?

You are watching television in the morning and just you have seen someone is playing the guitar and you are enjoying this video with the track he/she is playing.

After five minutes you are thinking you want to play the guitar like him and at the same time you are watching a video of dance and now you are thinking you can dance, and that time you have forgotten to play the guitar what you've thought just five minutes back.

Is it really a passion for something?

Now if your answer is yes, then no it is not.

A passion is something you cannot forget about for a lifetime, it is a true desire to get something from the heart.

Can passion change with time?

If you are passionate about the thing you love the most so then it will never change for a lifetime.
You may find a different way through the particular thing you are passionate about but the main passion is unchangeable, it cannot fade with time.

You may have heard one thing that 'if you truly love someone, you cannot forget him/her'
The passion is like the 'someone' you love the most, at any cost, you will never forget your passion.
If you love something truly from your heart, with the flow of time it gets old but you will never forget that.

What if you don't want to sacrifice for your passion

It is easy to say have passion for something, but if you don't give effort on it then it will become useless. If you don't do hard work for something it will really get fade with time and that is not you are passionate about. It is like a baby, you need to provide food, shelter, education and for all of that first, you have to do hard work.

If you will do hard work, obviously you will get the result in return.

You will obviously get your passion into you but first of all, just push yourself towards it, do hard work for that, sacrifice your comfort for it and then you will find your comfort by your passion. And when your passion will become fulfilled you will become happy.

But the main key is hard work.

Image Gerd Altmann

You are passionate about the people you love 

It really takes time to understand what you truly love. It's just not something that you have just seen someone yesterday, now you both are in a relationship and after someday, you will find someone to love. Maybe it was love, it was just an infatuation.

If you truly love someone you will never gonna leave her, maybe you have to do some sacrifice something for the current situation, and if you cannot do some sacrifice for your love it doesn't call true love.

Don't just go in relationship to fulfil your physical needs, it's not pure love. It's better to leave yourself from this relationship where you are not happy, if you really love someone you will be passionate about all thing for that person you are in love with.

What if you have a passion for something but you don't really want to explore it

we all human being have passion for something, but what if you know the thing you are really passionate about but you don't wanna explore it?

Maybe you are scared to explore it or you may think it is too hard for you to do that. If you do not come out from your comfort zone then it is too hard to explore some new in your life.

Anything which is new for us it takes time to become comfortable and easy for us, and for that, we have to do hard work to learn from it, and when you will come out from your comfort zone then only it is possible to explore something new.

Come out from your comfort zone and make it possible and let the world know what you are passionate about.

Don't disrespect your passion any time, anyhow

You never know what life gives you, but don't do such a thing which will be disrespectful for your passion. Just remember one thing this is the only thing for what you may have to sacrifice something in your life.

Don't make such a comment about your passion which may be disrespectful for it.
'Your passion is the ultimate friend of your life' so, don't forget it anytime, and do whatever is required.

Love for Fuchka in Bengal !!

Love for fuchka of any Bengali

What is fuchka/puchka?

Image Nisha Gill

Did you just say fuchka!OMG fuchka is love,fuchka is an emotion, it is not just a snack for Bengali, it is more than love, it is just love for first sight for any Bengali, it's an important part of Bengali's food culture.

It is a kind of food which Bengali girls love more than their BF(boyfriend),ohh.. obviously it is one of the delicious snacks in Bengal.

For any Bengali girl and boy, the meaning of WTF is Where's My Fuchka?

Now you are thinking I'm mad right? actually Fuchka is everywhere in Bengal, as I have told fuchka means emotion, it is love for any Bengali. It doesn't matter is it a boy or girl, we just love to eat this snack.

Let's start with an overview,

Fuchka is a kind of snack in bengal, which is also called Panipuri/gol-gappa in the other places of India and yes it is obviously widely available in Bangladesh.

Each fuchka is round-shaped hollow puri, it's crunchy in nature. Before serving it on plate each Fuchka is filled with some ingredients, mainly prepared by Aloo(potato)and along with that onion, chilli, coriander leaves, dried chilli powder(optional), salt and many other things are used.

And the last stape before plating is to dip the entire fuchka into tamarind water.

Now again you thinking what is special about that! So, it is the most important step before serving a fuchka on a plate.

The water included tamarind is the craziest thing inside of a fuchka. If you are eating fuchka in stall with some Bengali girls aside, you will be obviously heard that 'kaku ektu tok jol dao' before throwing the plate. Actually, it means they are asking for some tamarind water.

Yes, obviously that is why I've told it is an emotion. Each and every movement during eating, although Fuchka is an emotion to any Bengali.

Some lovely moment can also be created by fuchka

Let say you and your girlfriend are sitting on a bench in a park and suddenly you have seen a fuchka stall there if you are a Bengali and your girlfriend too then your girlfriend will obviously tell you to bring her some Fuchkas.

Ok, you don't need a Bengali girlfriend it may be you are from any country, once if you will eat fuchkas then you just love to eat it. And you don't need any perfect time for it. You'll just go and grab a lot of fuchkas.

In every Bengali occasion there you will obviously find fuchka stall in everywhere, just go there and ask for some fuchkas, and you will get some mouthwatering fuchkas on your plate.

Ok, now we are moving to the type of fuchkas,

  1.  Common fuchka 
  2.  Doi fuchka/Dahi fuchka

1. Common fuchka means usually what type of fuchka you will get on your plate if you'll ask for fuchka anywhere.

It consists a hollow puri and inside of that as a filling, you will find smashed boil potato, chopped onion, chilies, chopped coriander and a lot of spice mix.and before it will come to your plate it will dip into tamarind water.

2. Now the second type is Doi fuchka. It is a kind of special types of fuchka where you will find the main ingredients curd inside of it.

The filling of doi fuchka is as like a common fuchka but it consists curd,bhujia and some kind of spice mix at the top of it.

The taste of doi fuchka and the common fuchka are different but both types are tasty, it depends on you, what types of fuchkas you'll prefer to eat.

And at the last but not the least if you are going to propose a girl in Bengal obviously you will have to bring some fuchka for her and also after some days you will become a fuchka lover too. 

Now the question is why you should eat fuchka?

Look there has some several reasons for that, it's not only for your girlfriend, it also to taste some awesomeness and give your mouth a new flavour.

If you are in Kolkata then obviously you should eat fuchka to taste the love of Kolkata but if you are in anywhere in bengal you obviously you should feel the taste of fuchka.  

Otherwise, if you are in anywhere in India then you can find it by its name like Panipuri/Gol-Gappa, so keep eating fuchkas. :-)