How and why to stay happy in your everyday's life 

You are spending time with your partner’ and ‘you are exhausted listening to music during work’ both are a completely different situation and different place.
The first one seems easy to stay happy and The second one is quite hard, right? 

If I tell you some people are not really happy while with their partner, so then?

We should control our mind sometimes to live the moment, sometimes we need to change our thinking to stay happy at that moment.

Some people say happiness is a state of mind, where if you will only control your mind then you can become a happy person.

How you will be staying happy it only depends on you, that how you treat yourself, how you treat your mind. 

Some people lead their life with enjoyment where they do an average job and lead a simple life.
And some people there with lots of money and everything but are board all-time.

We all try to find how to stay happy in our life and sometimes we search for the definition of happiness on the web more than we try to be happy from ourselves.

Why be a happy person?

stay happy

'Happy faces always attract other people towards you'
Be an optimist, because positive people are happier than the pessimist. 

Happiness gives you a window where the world is looking more beautiful than your unhappiness.

A common line we often use that ‘stay happy for yourself’ obviously be a happy person for yourself, live the life as you want, but what about your family, your friends or your partner who loves you in the world?

stay happy for them. Stay always happy for their happiness. Happiness makes the scenarios are you more beautiful what we can see through our eyes.

Research says that, people who are married there more happy than the people who are unmarried,
it doesn’t mean that you have to get married to be happy

here I will mention some points which might help you to stay happy

  • Always listen to your heart

You are so much precious to yourself and unique than any other else in your life.

There has no unit to measure happiness in someone’s life. It’s kind of state of mind.

But if you can become happy for yourself, always listen to your heart and don’t listen to other people too much, you are quite happy.

Do what your heart is saying which makes you mind satisfied because when you listen to yourself you are thinking about something which gives you satisfaction and makes you happier In your life.

  • Breath

Sometimes we do not think about our stress, we don’t take rest for a long time when we are stressed.
Breathing exercise is very helpful for you to come out from your stress.

Sometimes deep breathing exercise helps us to get out from stress to get our inner peace.

I recommend you when you are stressed out then take just 5 minutes, and do some of them. 

  • Don’t to measure your happiness with others
Try to be happy with what you have, but obviously do hard work to achieve what you want, but never judge your happiness by seeing others.

Try to get happiness is different for different people, so don’t measure your happiness with other people.

  • Give some space to yourself

When you all are staying with many people together or living somewhere but you are not getting the peace of mind and constantly searching for how to stay happy? 
Then better to give some space to yourself.

Sometimes getting involved in that thing which gives you enjoyment. 
Travel alone in is another good option, you can do sometimes.

When you spend alone time then you can better understand yourself which gives you more comfort.

  • Come out to the sunlight

Wake up early in the morning and come out from your room, get some sunlight on your face.
It will refresh your mind and keep you more energetic and happy, for all through the day. 

It is not good to work at the dark place for a long time without sufficient availability of light.

If you are an early riser you probably know, how much satisfaction you get when you go out of your room in the very early morning.
  • Cut down the number of toxic people in your life

Our mind adopts things very quickly what we listen to a daily or regular basis.

There have many people with a positive and negative mindset. 

Positive people means optimist, will give you positiveness, where negative people gives your negative vibes.

Positive and happy people always encourage you towards your goal but the negative people try to pull you down.
You know your friends better than anyone.who is positive and who is negative. So, don't talk too much with people with a negative mindset. 

So, anywhere maybe your colleague, your friends who give you negativeness let them go.

Do not mix up yourself with those people too much who gives you negative thought.

  • Treat yourself better, always

Many times we forget ourselves, we just care for other’s happiness.

When you can pick one branded clothes to gift someone, you should choose it too. Instead many time we just choose an ordinary one for ourselves.
Why is it?

You should go for the best always. With choosing expensive one you are reminding yourself that, you worth more than others.
stay happy

Final words

We always care for our loved ones and all the people we love, and in between that somewhere, sometimes we forget to care about ourselves and forget about our likes and dislikes and many more.

now is the time to take some care for yourself. You know yourself better than anybody else.

How to stay happy is just some few words, but they hold meanings of a thousand words.

At the end of the day, you are with yourself, either with your family or with your friends or in your workplace,
start to prioritise yourself from today.