How to boost your self-confidence in effective ways

Nobody of us gets unlimited self-confidence during their birth, Since childhood, we learn things one by one and after so many trials we get confidence in that particular thing.

Whatever, while we start doing anything at starting many people things about the effort it requires, that is why many of them even do not start it. 

But instead of thinking if you start it anyway then you will get difficult to do this but after learning of so many things you will get success for this. 

So don’t think a lot just start to do it

Efforts only fully releases its reward after a person refused to quit -Napoleon Hill

So, self-confidence is something which you cannot gain in one day or in just one week. 

It takes time, maybe one month or one year, then you gain your self-confidence from many of your experiences and by doing new things, by going to new places and meeting with new people.

Many people say that there is lack of self-confidence inside them, ‘I cannot talk properly in front of people’ I think it may happen with you also, that you are going to give a speech in stage for the first time and you are feeling lack of confidence, fear is grabbing your attention. 

have you ever felt it?
so listen, do you know it doesn’t happen with you only, it happens with many Many of us. 

A motivational speaker who is now talking in front of thousands of people on stage they have also felt that same as the beginning of the carrier.

A singer who is singing in stage with confidence in front of thousands of people they have also felt the same at the starting, 

but with lots of practices and they have a made the confidence.

Recently I was just reading a book called ‘attitude is everything’ written by a motivational speaker Jeff Keller.

He has written about himself most of the time in this book.
  He was very nervous at the beginning of his career but later on, he became a successful motivational speaker. 

So it also comes from self-confidence and you should believe in yourself first

self confidence

Here I will give you some points to boost your self-confidence and make you confident. 

You may have heard some of them or may have tried or may not have heard any of them,

just pick those which you want and give a try

      1. Try to dress nicely

This is one of the most important things can boost your confidence to a higher level.
 If you can feel a lack of confidence in yourself in front of everyone, just give it a try it will obviously help you.

Keep good dressing sense and according to where you are going. 
It doesn’t mean that you have to wear a dress of thousand dollars but keep it normal, try to wear some formal dresses and raise your confidence.

       2. Groom yourself 

Another important thing to raise your confidence to groom yourself. 
From saving your beard to wearing a watch all can raise your confidence. 

whatever you see in the mirror that is the other people see from outside.

So why is it important to groom yourself?

 It means you are a presenting your outer body to other people and if it’s beautiful then obviously you will be more happy and confident to talk with others.

      3. Think positive always

There have two types of peoples one is an optimist and the other is the pessimist.

 An optimist always finds positiveness in everything and the pessimist is just the opposite. 

So you should always think positive. 

Most important that we should get around the people with a positive mindset.

Become an optimist, keep a positive vibe in yourself and you will see everything will become good and you will gain more confidence.

     4. While standing, stand tall and straight

It’s very important things to show your confidence while you are with another person or with just a group of people.

standing tall shows your confidence and also makes you more attractive to others.

So, do it from next time,
 don’t bend your back, as much as possible keep it straight during walking or standing.

    5. Keep a smile on your face

It doesn’t mean to laugh loudly in front of people. 
Just keep in mind, keep a mild smile always on your face while you are talking or even in an interview.

A smile on your face shows a positive attitude which gives you more confident while talking.

I have seen one of my senior in my college who was always keeping a smile every time and he was looking pretty more confident.

    6. While speaking, speak slowly and loudly

I know you are thinking not to apply this trick if you are you slow speaker, but do you know its show your confidence what you are saying?

maybe you are a slow speaker but don’t speak loudly in front of people, so you have to apply them both of them together.

speaking loudly and slowly show you are more confident with people,
and people will listen and will give you more attention while you are with them.

But it doesn’t mean southing while talking with other

So what I’ve discussed till now this all was about to correct yourself.
These were some of your habits and body language to boost your self-confidence 

so what were these? can you remember them?

Just look all of those at a glance-

  • dress nicely while going outside with friends or anywhere 
  • grooming yourself 
  • think always positive to give yourself a positive vibes 
  • standing straight and tall
  • keep a smile on your face 
  • speaking slowly and loudly

Now someone little points I want to add here to make you more confident than before.

Here I am going to tell you something you have to change them a little bit.

  • Don’t Mess-up, keep them arranged

Wherever you are living to keep things arranged at that place.
Such as you are coming out from your bed without keeping your blanket in the proper place or where you are studying or your desk should be properly arranged and clean at all time.

Keep in mind, what we see our mind adopt that very soon.
So keeping clean your workplace will give you a fresh mind.

  • Make a little change of your habit

Try to wake up 20 minutes early every morning.
Set some goal and try to finish them all on time.
throw away your bad habits and try to replace them with good habits.

Try to do them all at least for 2 to 3 weeks then see the change on yourself. You will also feel like a changed person.

 Maybe changing yourself is hard to start Once you will get those habits then you will feel more positive.

It all will help you to boost your self-confidence too.

With ordinary talent and extraordinary preservence, all things are attainable-Sir Thomas Buxton

Self Confidence