Powerful ways to spend more quality time together 

Have you ever thought to spent more quality time with your family, friend or with your Loved ones?

Many people also think as same as like you think, but they don’t get enough time to spend it more with anyone else.

It’s maybe our present lifestyle, which is changing our thought.

Sometimes we feel that we should give some more time to our favourite person, who really want to spend time with you. 

But because of the pressure of our work or for many unknown reasons we are not able to give enough time to our family member or to our favourite one.

So, you should spend it more with them whenever possible.

What is quality time?

Quality time is the time in which we give our family, friends, partner unbroken attention which keep us more closely and make our relationship stronger.

Sometimes we may have heard about that. Maybe you know someone who spent more good amount of time with their family.

According to me in our busy life schedule when there has lots of work pressure, if you can spend some amount of time(without worries) alone, that is called quality time for yourself.

In our present lifestyle, we are so much addicted to cell phone, laptop or even television that when we spent time at home also we don’t talk properly with our family members.

sometimes modern technology responsible for that.

I think during spending quality-time there should be no obstacle in between us even not a cell phone.

quality time
Quality time and togetherness

How you can spend more quality time with your loved ones?

It means to spend some valuable times with your partner, where the mobile is not in our hand. TV is completely switch-off and you are sitting on a sofa with staring at each other, talking about each other without moving your attention.

Sometimes maybe you are in candlelight dinner with him/her and spending time by talking with each other.

This time you are coming closer to your partner and you can better know about likes and dislikes of her/him better than anyone else.

Today in the time of modern technology with lots of social media option available we can make a relationship by some apps or in messages.
With that in our busy schedule, we don’t get enough time to sit closer with our partner and not even talk with them.

Maybe it is another big reason why we cannot spend a good amount of time with each other nowadays.

I think it is the best option for Exchange of our emotions and knowing each other better.

Effect of social media against quality time

Maybe during a busy schedule, we don’t have much time to spend, but as we know there have tons of social media options are available in our hand.

Every time we get some free time we just scroll down or get engaged in social media.

 Most of the time even we forget to call our partner, friend or parents because of the developing of social media.

Now we can make a new friend in just one minute or new girlfriend or boyfriend easily every day but also the breakup rate has also increased with that.

This is another big reason why we forget to spend quality-time more often with the people we love

Some options to spend quality time more together

  • Movie time: it can be a great option for you to come closer to each other. 
  • dating: you are going out for dating and knowing each other better.
  • cooking together is a great option for you. It’s morning breakfast or dinner or during the afternoon for lunch, cooking together sometimes make a good environment around you and your partner. 
  • go for candlelight dinner: help every time to know each other better by discovering things.
  • have a discussion with a cup of coffee can give you the option to discuss your personal matter with a partner.

Spending time with your partner is another way to say hi! to a good healthy relationship.

There has not only one benefit,
there has tons of good things come in a relationship by spending time together.

The benefit of quality time in a relationship

  • Makes relationship stronger and better 
  • understanding between partners 
  • reduce stress level 
  • To keep yourself happy 
  • decreases divorce rate 
  • Both know each other better 
  • makes a strong bond between two partners 
  • to make a better friendship

Now you know what it exactly is and how to spend valuable time with your partner or friends.

But do you know the reasons which are stopping you against spending time with your partner?

quality time
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  • Using a phone during talking

Either it’s your best friend or partner most important to spend your valuable time without any of distractions between you both.

When I go out with my best friend most of the time we just talk to each other.
But I have noticed whenever we get to engage with our phone we just cannot concentrate on what we are talking about.

  • Secondly watching TV while talking

While you are at home it’s good to watch TV together, by sitting on a couch and cuddling each other.

But what if you are watching TV while she or he is more interested to talk to you? 

You know what? in this situation, you cannot concentrate on TV or either to your partner.

So stop watching TV during a valuable discussion.

Final words 
it’s everybody is designed to spend an amazing time with their favourite person it’s good for your mental health so stop posting your billable time and start spending quality time with them.

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