Ways to find for your Self Motivation into YOU

self motivation

We always try to get motivated every day in our daily life. From a student to a businessman or anyone, we all are looking for self-motivation to get success in our every step of our life.

Obviously, it is a powerful word for everyone who knows the power of motivation

It’s a method to get energy for our work.

We always try to get some motivation in every step of our life to motivate ourselves.

we read many books, listen to lots of podcast or even we watch tons of motivational video on YouTube from different authors.

And it’s true that after getting motivation we get more involved into our job, but sometimes we watch lots of motivational videos, read many books of different authors, follow many sites for motivational quotes, but we cannot understand where to start.
 And that is why self-motivation is much required.

Only the motivational speech or articles can’t do anything until you will start the implementation of those.

Here I will discuss some very small and easy steps which will help you to become motivated in your daily life

Steps to get self-motivation

  • You have to set some goals and try to fulfil each within a time period. 

Write down your goal on a paper and set time period for this and try to fulfil your goal within this time.
Sometimes every goal does not complete on the time, so make another time period for the rest of the part which has left.

It is very effective for those who cannot concentrate anything for a long time and left it in the middle while doing.

Just take a pen and paper, first create a small goal and try to achieve those within time.

If you are a student then make a list of chapters you want to complete in one day or if you are A working person then write your goal for a day and finish those within time.

You don’t need any extra motivational class for that.

  • Give yourself some rewards
After the achievements of everything give a reward to yourself.
It’s not only for the big achievement but also for every small achievement of your life.

Buy some things to gift yourself something new for every new achievement,
it encourages us for our next achievement.

If you already do that then you may know how satisfying it is. 
Once you will start rewarding yourself it will surely motivate you toward your next goal

  • Set your next goal
Once you will adopt the first point and start writing your goal you have to achieve, then take some time to reward yourself and start thinking about your next goal.

Write it down to a paper and set your mind for that.

You know yourself better than anyone else. So, you may better know when to start preparing for that and keep a mindset to do it.

  • Visualise yourself as a successful
Success is a state of mind if you want success start thinking of yourself as a successful doctor - Joyce Brothers

This one sentence says a lot.
While you will visualise yourself as a success, then your desire to get this thing will raise 10 times than before.

All you have to put your effort on it to reach that position. When you know on which you have to put your effort and what you have to do for that then you should do it.

  • Track your progress every time
While you have your own goal, putting effort on it every day, then you should also check your progress.
Maintain a notebook where you can write how much is left how much work you have done and what next You will do to reach your goal.

It will work as a reminder and also will give you an idea about how you should increase your work frequency. Tracking your own progress really a good habit for self-motivation.

  • Change your way of thinking
Every person thinks differently from their own way and we mostly do that what we think. Anyway, our subconscious mind adopts or kept those words what we think frequently. 

So start changing what do you think,
If it's positive, then ok but try to avoid think negative.
Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein
you can control your thought or you can change your thinking.

self motivation

  • Fill your mind with good words and get a positive vibe
Do you know our mind adopt the things what we hear or see most of the time? 

It’s like a sponge, observes liquids very quickly and so for self-motivation you can feed your brain so much good stuff and other motivational quotes.

  • As I stated our brain adapt quickly what we think and here it is a good strategy for our self-motivation. 

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Final words
Nothing you can change without taking action. Until you will not put your effort on any work you cannot change that. 

So, you should take action first for your work. Don’t just think of it. Once you will start something you will then take the action required accordingly. 

Surround yourself with positive people and motivate yourself every day for your work.

The only way to escape from the prison of fear is action - Joe Tye