Turn your boringness into your Passion 

We all may have heard about the word passion at any time of our life, it's your desire to do something by your choice. before discussing that topic we should know what passion mean to us.

Definition of passion

As we are human being individually we have some choice, we everybody know what we are interested in.

I am not going to find the definition of passion by dictionary. But whatever, I think passion is some desire to anyone, for what the person (she/he) are strongly interested.

It may be their hobby. And if you are doing the thing you are really passionate about then you do not get boringness to do that.

For example, 'she is passionate about football' or 'he is interested in painting'.
It can be anything you are interested in. If you have a passion for anything, you don't feel bored to do that.


Let's dive into the main topic

Are you someone who gets bored sometimes without any reason?

Maybe you are sitting in somewhere and you are getting bored too much, and you don't even know the reason why are you getting bore at that time.

Or you are listening to the song you may like the most and after the song is become finished, you are hardly trying to find the song you want to listen at that very moment, but you cannot choose any of the songs from your playlist because somehow you have the desire to listen to that particular song.

Ok, let me give you one more example,

Maybe you are travelling somewhere with some of your friends, you are in a bus or any car, all other friends are enjoying or talking to each other at that time but you just don't want to talk with anyone at that moment,

do you know why all these happen?
Just because of your boringness...

Boringness is something that you can feel anytime, and at that moment you don't want to do anything which gives you courage.

And here the main thing comes, about what I'm just going to discuss further in this article.
Do you know, you can find yourself better whenever you just stay alone or away from the noise around you?

Ok, I am giving an example, let you are just staying alone away from your family or friends for some days or some months for any purpose. At the end of the day when you have done all those things and sitting on somewhere, you are just remembering all those things you have done or maybe you are remembering something from your past,

Exactly at that time you can just feel yourself and also you can feel the taste, the choices of yourself, the things you really want, and that are how you can find 'Yourself'.

So whenever you'll be getting bore to take a pen and paper and start writing the thoughts, whatever will come on your mind at that time.

It's maybe about 'what you are thinking about at that time' or about 'your past' or 'your feelings' for someone because when we feel alone and get bore continuously we try to remember about our past.
The thought can differ from one to another but just try to write that feeling as soon as you'll be getting bore.

Now every time you will do so and slowly you'll adopt the formula of writing. But after write anything don't throw it away, keep it in a place and when every time you will add something new in it you are filling some extra blank pages of your notebook or diary.

And after a long time, one day when you'll just turn some old pages of this diary you'll find the thought, about what you were thinking one day.
It gives such a nice feeling.

Many of us write a diary every single day. Now when you will become habituated of writing a diary, you are also able to produce such good articles. So, start writing from your own, on any topic, just you have to build your own idea, and maybe you'll become passionate about that.

Remember one thing, you are the controller of your mind, whatever you wants to do you have to find from yourself and try to find your passion by asking yourself that what you really want.

Now you may think I'm giving too much advice right?

A lot of things are there to get rid of your boredom.

You may have heard about QUORA, where you can find the answer to your question. If there has no answer to your question, don't worry you can ask somebody else.

You can request anybody for your answer and you can give an answer to any question too.
So, why are you waiting for for?go and make an account in Quora, and engage yourself with the question-answer session? I can say it is one of the best ways to not getting bore.

Nowadays more or less we all have an account on Facebook, right? So you can make new friends and talk with them, share your thought just to get out of boredom.

You can involve in such type of thing.

One main cause of boredom is not to find the motivation you require, so not to become demotivated, tell yourself that you also can do whatever you want, and make your passion and every time try to fulfil the need.
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Just get the idea, it may be harder than what you think but make that trust on your mind to fulfil that. Anybody can do whatever they want, just they have to make the trust on themselves.

Final words

If you are following your passion then you are adding more value to the world, it means you are dedicated to it and trying your best. By following it you are really loving the things in your life. It helps you to build a better character by loving the people surround you.

If you are truly following your passion and turning it into your job, then you will not get any boringness by involving into your job.

It is a tweet I have found while writing the articles
Do you not think everybody should make their own passion? not just to get out of boredom but also to create something to make them happy.