Your only limit is you. Until you will not believe you can, nobody can’t make you believe though. Break the barrier, go ahead, and Be yourself

be yourself
You can be a bitter or better one, the choice is yours

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. - Nikos Kazantzakis

We all human being get too sensitive more often. The day we have started crawling on the carpet was our first attempt towards walking, yet, that day we did not even realise that we will walk through the carpet one day.

We all are an artist from inside, pant tons of images into our mind and try to draw them in reality, but the reality is a little harder than our imagination. It requires more effort to turn out the imagination into reality.

Yup, it seems difficult but not impossible yet.

You have to just push yourself through the way you are walking in and make a belief that you can do. 
But never doubt yourself.

Believe that God is always with us and the path towards your success will become clearer by the hard work and the efforts you are putting on it.
The words believe in yourself is the most powerful weapon we have, to dig the cave of our interest and make the path much smoother towards our success.

Maybe you are facing difficulties today but the more you will put your efforts, the more it will break the barrier. Just don’t detain yourself Into the prison of fear. 

You can be the best version of yourself, just believe that you can.

Be a free bird, the sky has no limitation

The more I grown-up, the more I realise that the people around you never want you to see in a place where they cannot reach, except your well-wishers. And gradually I realised the more I cogitate about those people the more I lose my willpower (the power of belief in myself) and slowly I have left thinking about them.

Some of the decisions I have made to wash away those heaters and to reach towards my goal.

You have to be yourself first and to create and get a better version of yourself, consider these things:

  • Accept the people as they are
Don't be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people get is to take a bite out of you. - Zig Ziglar

There has billions of people around the world and millions of them in our society, but just only a few of them in your favourite list and most of them from the rest are our heaters. 

Have you ever got criticism by anyone or heard something abusive words about you?
 If so, it means they are the haters, who just try to pass those comments to push you down. 

They intentionally pass those comments to pull you back from the way of your success.

It not preferable to answer to them all though

That is why it is needed to take the action here. 

Ever imagined the required action you need to take in such a situation?

That is nothing at all, just don’t need to answer the questions they pass, not even one. 
Just stay quiet and leads yourself toward success.

Let the people as they are, you cannot make any changes into them by answering just a few until you reach to your goal, and this is the only place which can keep your heater’s mouth fully shut.

Instead of wasting your valuable time on them spend it to your goal, once you will achieve your goal your haters will become changes into your followers.

  • Accept the hatred

You will gain some haters only when you are doing better than your haters. They are the only people makes you feel you are making progress along your way. 

You have to accept the bitter truth that everyone in the world is not your well-wishers, criticism is a part of our journey.
If there all people will be your well-wishers, then you will never feel to show them an upgraded, a better version of yourself.

Today your haters are throwing the hatred on your way and one day they will become jealous after seeing your success as well. Create a new you, be yourself.

  • Quit the thinking of overnight success 

You have just started today and thinking about overnight success? Then you should change your mind. Nobody get success in one day, it requires hard work and practices.

If you are just starting it today, then be mentally prepared to keep consistency.
Because every your day’s contribution is required.

Remember hard-work, consistency, and practice is the main key to success.

  • The practice is the key to success 
be yourself

Not only you, but we all also have some, just some of the people show that to others while the rest of the others don’t.

Overcoming your inner fear is most important. Until you will break the boundary of fear, you cannot learn something new.

Can you remember the day of your first cycling? Attempted it with lots of fear inside. Fear of falling down, breaking of bones and so many.
But as we’ve gone through practices, slowly we’ve adopted this.
And today when you go for it, without any fear inside, you feel free to cycling. 

That is the power of practice.

Over to you

I think it’s better to be yourself other than listening to those haters. Criticism, hatred all those are part of our journey, so never feel down by thinking these. Believe God is with yourself. keep working hard for your dream.

Do you think only motivations can lead you towards success? 
I think motivation and your hard work and patience work together to leads you towards success.

What’s your opinion? Leave a comment below.

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