Eliminate gloominess, fill your heart with a willingness 

3 points to consider while dealing with your depression 

Eliminate gloominess

“Sometimes I think, I need a spear heart to feel all the thing I feel” - Sanober Khan

These pieces of words say the emotional state for thousands of hearts. we try to cry sometimes, we contend to express our emotional state to the people with us.

Yet we don’t get someone to share our state of mind every time and that’s the time we cry a lot more, with a gloomy heart inside.

When we got hurt by someone, sometimes there was no option except being emotional as they were too special for us.

Sometimes I used to think that I should not stay with such a touchy heart inside I have.

A psychological fact work on that,
when we are more and more think about any topic we just get more involved in that, and this emotional state of mind starts grabbing us slowly.
And get rid of that is harder than how we have got into them, it requires more effort than usual.

Be optimist to avoid filling those void spaces of your mind with just an only bucket full of negative thoughts.

It’s a simple human nature to being involved in the thinking process, but our heart Is the soul of our mind, so, you need to keep It enthusiastic and evergreen.
Three things to add on your To-Do list:

  • Being a free spirit
Every new morning is an opportunity to regain yourself as you desire. Life is like tides sometimes high or sometimes low.

No matter how strong the low tide is, it will become change into high tide again with time. No matter what the situation of the pandemic is the world(life) will recover itself over time.

Don’t say that spirit is broken down, It’s a thing of God who has created us. 

Spirit’ the most precious gem into the jewellery-box(our body), it just needs to wipe up(to remove negative thoughts) sometimes with clean clothes (Positive thoughts).

We are maybe broken but not dead. It can become heal with time.
Time is the medication to repair the wounds, have been created.
We just need to be patience For the perfect cure.

Implies these simple rules, if you want to get free spirituality inside -

#1 Quality time is more important to consider among all. keep a small space even if you are in a busy schedule. When you get free time during a busy schedule avoid chatting with people friends or even co-workers enjoy your own company and just relax your mind.

#2 To become a spiritual you need to be a less scheduled person.
You shouldn’t be always bounded by time.

#3 If you love to travel then go to a new place you have never been visited, enjoy the loneliness.

#4 Involved in such kind of things you get pleaser from.

#5 Do you know why a child having mindfulness at all time? cause they try new things. Doing such a thing which gives you enjoyment is okay but, try to come out from the boundary sometimes to explore the new you.
”Be curious, not judgemental” - Walt Whitman
Eliminate gloominess

Don’t be too much crucial to judge someone,  without knowing the exact way they are going through. Yes, stop judging someone. 

As it is human nature we all are more or less judgmental somehow. 
When you pass judgement you may not know the mental disbalance they get. 

We all people have such mentality but when someone does the same with us we get offended.

If you judge someone it may come back to you too, and when if someone will judge you then how you will respond to it?

Think it before making a further judgement on anyone.

Stop making your heart bitter by avoiding those kinds of mentality.

Instead of that keep love in your heart for all.
I don’t much know about society, but spreading love can make you happier from inside.

The amount of inner peace you will receive by spreading love is far more in amount then the regret it creates by passing judgement on someone though.

Here are the easy steps to follow to eliminate your judgemental mentality :

Observe yourself for a few days, whether if you find yourself with such an intention or not, if so, just remind yourself this order

Think > Understand > Love

#1 It’s too early to judge someone at the meetup or even if you know him/her for some days. 
First think what situations she or he is going through, what is his/her background, what is the problem she or he might be facing, think these all just before passing your judgement.

#2 Once you have asked yourself these questions about the other person, now understand what if you were in his place if someone tried to judge you how did you feel. Understand the person, fully understand the situation she or he is going through, ask these questions to yourself first.

still, now you want to judge someone yes or no?

if you really change your mind in the opposite direction from judgement then now

#3 show some love to the person, even if she/he is a stranger, just some of your love that’s all.

You may probably know why love is so important. 
It can change someone’s mindset. Other people will become mentally happy and you will be happier.

What if you will give love to all people around you? 
you will feel the happiness inside, which is probably far better than hatred.

  • Keep optimistic thoughts as always 
Eliminate gloominess

Do you know the reason of mental hangover, which irritate us most? 

It is negative thinking, which probably comes from a pessimistic mindset. It often creates a barrier between positive thoughts and our mind.

Consider a filter fitted in our mind through which we experience the outer world. Now if the filter is clear then we can observe the outer world as it is, instead of that what if the filter is unclear? 

The same thing happens with our pessimistic mindset.

If still, you can’t get the difference between pessimism and optimism, then you need more further explanation.

Difference in vision 

Visualise a 20ml glass, which is filled with 10ml water

Whether a pessimist will see the glass as it is half empty,

There an optimist will see half of the glass is filled with water.

Get the difference in observation between two?

So always try to be an optimist, neither a pessimist.
Optimism is good to see the outer world more colourful.

Difference in attitude 

You may have heard these two words positive attitude and negative attitude.

Our mindset makes a great impact on our attitude.

When you are a pessimist, more often you think ‘I can’t’, that’s the thought of a negative individual.
But a person with positive attitude thinks ‘I can’, that is a great positive attitude hold by an optimist.

Now you can think about why it’s always reasonable to be an optimist.

Over to you

Isn't always good to see the outer world through a clean window rather than a dirty one? Isn’t always a good habit to clean off the dirt from the window of vision, isn’t useful to be an optimist? 

Sometimes we more often use our judgemental mentality, but instead of that, instead, we can spread more love, more positivity which can make you happier.
Always remember your love can make the change into someone better than a shitty judgemental mentality.
And lastly congratulation, now you know all three points to lift the cloud from your heart and replace it with some willingness.

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