Positive Thought of the day to bring confidence into you

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Sometimes we don’t try to understand our inner-self or forcefully we just try to forget about us. Our likes-dislikes, our choices, favourite colour, favourite ice cream flavour all are controlled by someone we love the most. 

Even sometimes when we think something about ourselves, our self priorities etc. we may try to see these through the vision of the window of our loved ones.

Is this a good way of thinking? Does it provide positive thought of the day for you? if so then okay, I’m not going to debate with you.

What I am trying to say that all are okay up to a limit, but when the limit exceeds then know what? we just do the thing forcefully somehow to make them happy and we start to forget ourselves, we start to forget our favourites, something we love the most and try to prioritise things they love and somehow we regret sometimes by forgetting our likes and dislikes while we prioritise the things they love most.

Have you ever done the same?

Then my friend you need some motivational thoughts for the inner you.

At the end of the day, you are with yourself, with the inner you and you have to decide what you love the most. So, don’t be so much dependable on any person where they will make all decisions for you. If so then it will be difficult for you to choose the good one for yourself.

Here are some points which you should keep in mind to provide yourself with positive thoughts of the day :

  • Don’t let your dream die to prioritise someone
It’s like a baby to you, you are doing hard work to achieve it, you are doing how much you can, you are sacrificing your comfort zone sometimes to just achieve it. 

As the same way parents do for their children. 
They sacrifice their comfort zone only to provide some comfort for the child’s wellness, they try hard to make him or her a better person.

So why you will just priorities someone else’s dreams more than yours?

Always remember you have to make your dream come true for the people love you the most.

Be an optimist, think positive always because a positive thought for a day can bring you more energy to feed yourself to grow your dream bigger.

  • You work on it because it’s your dream
You love it, you live for it and that is why you are trying hard to reach your goal. 
Except you, Parents and God nobody really cares about your dream. 
So, to make it true just believe in yourself, believe in God and try hard to fulfil it.

As you have planted the tree at the beginning so you have to take care of it.

  • You have spent sleepless nights

From the day you have decided to reach your goal, you have worked hard, many sleepless nights and hours of practices you have made just to reach towards your goal.

May you haven’t slept for countless nights just to improve you. Maybe sometimes you have only drunk water while you were hungry. 

All of these just to push yourself towards your goal.

  • The relationship is secondary, but Your dream is mandatory for you
I’m not sure if you’re in a relationship or not. And seriously I’m not against of it. But your dream is to achieve your goal. 

If you can balance your relationship and work for your goal that’s ok.

But, if your partner is not supportive and only discourage you against your dream then you have to make your decision, either your dream to achieve your goal or your relationship, which one is more important for you? 
Ask yourself first.

  • Watering regularly is same important as planting the tree is
The success key of a dream is consistency, we have heard that many times but, also after knowing this we don’t keep our consistency sometimes.
Only planting of a tree is not enough, you have to water this in scheduled time to keep this growing.

Same formula for your dream, you have to have consistency for the dream you are working on to reach towards your goal.

  • Welcome to the criticism and make them jealous by your success
Your heaters are those only people for whom you get to know that you are going in the right path and doing well. Always remember successful people have heaters.
People will become jealous when they see your success and try to criticise you

People do criticise to pull you back from where you are, but once you will reach your goal, you will find more well-wishers than your haters.

Nobody knows yourself better than you. 
It’s always good to take support from elders and family members. They always encourage you. And do what your mind and heart say. 

Believe in God and believe in yourself

Go ahead

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