Why shouldn’t you hold a judgmental mentality ever? How to do so?

judgmental mentality
why holding such a mentality which can hurt somebody?

I’m judgmental, and you too, even we all are judgmental. 

It’s a simple human nature, where we all hold a judgmental mentality.

But, some people use it more often. 
They just throw their judgment on each and everything, why so?

You! yes if you also too judgmental, then you should throw it away right now. 

You just pass judgment without knowing their mental state, background, even the situation they are going through.

You are maybe feeling cool by passing judgment, but you may don’t know how does it affect the person, the mental stability of him you are passing judgment to. 

Either he or she is black or white, short or tall whatever maybe, is it their fault? Ask yourself first, before passing any comments.

Before getting into the further discussion you should know,

why we often judge others :

The most common answer is we just see them from our point of view, we just put our thought into their personality.

For instance, 
there have two glass jars, one is yours and another from someone else. His jar is filled with plain water and yours with coloured water. 
Now you want to see his jar same as like yours, and so then you put some of your water into his jar. 

And you know what? you just think the same during passing any judgment. 
It shows your mentality clearly.
You try to see them from your imagination, what you like.

Yet we don’t often see the originality they have.

Is it fair enough? Do you think so?

If so then, my friend you need to change the way you think. 

Everyone is different in the world, everyone hold a different personality, we all have a different mentality and that’s why we all are unique. 

So, from next time rethink before passing any judgment, make some changes on your judgmental mentality.

Some signs tell you that you are probably a judgemental individual:

We often make our decision by just seeing the unfolded character of other people, even we don’t try to look into the background stories. 

We just make some assumptions and try to put these on the other personality and more often we forget to uncover the grey filter from our eyes through which we see the world.

These are some signs more likely to show your inner judgemental intention 

  • You like to criticise other people. 
  • You often compare other people with yourself to show your greatness.
  • You have low self-worthiness.
  • More often you doubt your personality.
  • You might try to find others fault to show your credibility.
  • You have jealousy about other people around you.
  • You are afraid of exposing your weaknesses in front of others.

These are some probable reasons of why you like to make a judgemental statement against other people.
Stop being judgmental and stop making any judgment about others.

 So what you can do instead, to wash away judgmental mentality?

judgmental mentality

“Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman

Your judgment can hurt someone.

Every time you should make a bond between you and the person in front of you before throwing your judgment. 

Not even if an emotional connection but at least you should understand this person, how they can be mentally disturbed, how bad he/she does feel during passing your judgment.

Even if you can feel their feelings too before throwing a judgment on anyone, it means a lot.


Not everyone is the same as you think (or they have to be). The black-white, short-tall or physically challenged person all are a human being. 
Only our thinking make the differences.

And our mentality does so, our mentality feeds the brain to think like that.

And most importantly nobody can change themselves for us, they shouldn’t have to though.

You should make some changes in your thought.

Try to accept every people as they are, you can feel the changes on you.


Understanding is laying in the same line beside the Acceptance.
You can easily understand any individual only if you can accept them.

Understand their feelings, type of person they are and try to understand their situation too, before passing your judgment about someone.

Understanding is one of the keys to emotional attachment. And when you are getting attached emotionally with anyone then you can easily love the personality.


It might be easy for you to throw any judgmental comments on others but have you ever thought how they are accepting that? 
Their mental situation during doing this?
If not then you should rethink again and again to change your judgmental mentality.

Try to imagine their background story, the path they are going through. The problem they’re facing.

It seems easy but quite complex to know his/her actual story. And nobody wants to disclose them in front of a stranger, so you have to think deeply to know them much better than you are seeing.

Sounds strange right?

Think you are a girl, and one of your friend’s daughter has disclosed a truth that she has loosened her virginity last night and she is just 16 years old.

Now, are you continually blaming her character on your mind since the moment you’ve heard this, without knowing the exact reason?

What step should you take then? Should you tell her parents or scold her immediately at that place?

Ok, prior to thinking more on these just imagine your daughter in the same position, then what did you do with her?
Could you think in the same way you’ve just thought about her?

Ask this question to your inner-self first, 
you might get your answer.

So, open your mind, think deeply before passing any comments on anyone and first of all, throw your judgmental mentality away.


First of all, love is unconditional, it doesn’t depend whether if you have a positive or negative mindset. Love is free.

If you can consider doing those things mentioned above then now show some of your love to all, even if it’s your hater or enemy.

Love has the power to change someone completely into a different person.

And spreading love is not any bad thing at all. 

[Understand-> think-> love, this is not an overnight process which you can adopt in one day’s practice but, you can gain it by observing your intention of judgmental mentality and wish to change it slowly.]

Over to you

Don’t you think that having a judgmental mentality shows the worst personality of anyone?
If yes, then why shouldn’t we stop that?

While you throw any worst comments on anyone have you ever felt bad? Have you ever thought how does it can affect someone’s mentality yet?

So, why to do so?

Be a kind-hearted person, instead of giving your heated show your love, you will get love in return from others.

If somehow this article has motivated you, even if a little bit also, then share it with others.

Thanks for reading,