want to be a positive thinker? avoid these people as much as you can

positive thinker

"Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive" - Hafez
A most common natural tendency of a human being is to adopt those thoughts into our mind which we hear most often. 
We just love to think about these topics, we try to engage ourselves more into this thinking process.
And this is why you should avoid some toxic people to become a positive thinker for entire life.

Because a toxic person always wants you to think more on these what/how they think, this often leads you to become a pessimist (negative thinker).

Yet, it is more difficult to change your mindset when it got shaped as a negative mind. Your mind is then filled with full of negative thoughts.
And negative thoughts always lead you to hold a pessimistic mindset.

A little thing I’ll share from my personal experience :

A few years back from now I was completely a negative person with full of pessimistic thoughts. I was a little insecure, scared to talk with others and a fully negative person.

That time I have never realised for a moment how negative I was, then I didn’t even think about that.
But as I have started mixed up with more people, friends then once I’ve thought about how they can laugh, talk freely with others what I couldn’t. 

That day’s thought has brought a major change into me. I’ve realised some friends around me were negative from their mind, those negative discussions with them were grabbing me every day, and every day slowly I was getting more into that.
So, then I made my decision to bring mindfulness. 

Believe me or not but since I’ve started avoiding some toxic people(negative people) in my life from then I’ve felt the changes into my personality. 
Now I try to think positive more and more optimistic than earlier me.

The first important step you should take is cut down the number of toxic people from life.

Do you know your mind mostly adopt those happening around you and the people you are staying with?

So to get a good mindset,

Remove these 3 people from life to become a positive thinker 

People with bad behaviour 

Can you bare if someone behaves badly with you in-front of others? Or someone just criticises you when you are chatting with a group of friends?

Of course not, right? You shouldn’t though.

So what should you do in this case?

You should simply avoid them. 

A lot of criticises can demotivate you or feel you down, can discourage you on the way of your journey.
So, avoid these people first who try to do that.


If you want to become a positive person first of all a positive mindset is necessary. And to hold a positive mindset the foremost important thing is to surround yourself with positive people.

So, remove all those people with negative thoughts from your life. 

These are the people who always think negative and not only think they also scared from most of the things.

All pessimist are toxic, they wanna try to shape your mind as like them, and it’s very common that whom you’re spending your most of the time with you will probably be like them.
Your mindset gets changed, which directly affects our attitude.

A negative person always holds a negative attitude and to be honest nobody likes a person with such a negative attitude.

And if you are one with such a pessimistic mindset trying to become a positive thinker then, first of all, try to disallow all those with a negative mindset from coming into your zone.

Judgemental people 

A judgemental person always pushes your mentality down by throwing their judgmental comments on your each and everything.

And every time someone judges you, you feel down, you doubt on yourself.

This type of people is more harmful than those pessimists tough.

If you are a negative person and holding a pessimistic mindset then it’s more difficult for you to defeat them by your words.

So, it’s always better to avoid them as much as possible. Avoid spending time with them, even you will feel much better if you spent quite a time alone. 
It's better if you spent some quality time.

Benefits of being a positive thinker?

And that is why we should be a positive thinker
The biggest benefit of that, you can enjoy every little moment of your life fully.
You can laugh freely. You will less bother and happier in your life.
And to be a free soul what more we can expect.

Enjoy your every step of life, be an optimist.

Over to you

We all human being are anyhow more or less obsessed every time, but don’t you think we should enjoy every moment as much as we can?
And a great optimistic attitude can help you a lot to do that.

It’s your life you have to choose what you prefer.

Thanks for reading