Why achieving peace of mind is required and How? searching for your answer? know the reason why

Dedicate yourself to the good you deserve and desire for yourself. Give yourself peace of mind. You deserve to be happy. You deserve delight. -Mark Victor Hansen

What do you think about peace? 


Does that mean there has no sound around you, everything is calm with a mild cold breeze or you are sitting in the balcony with a cup of coffee, listening to your favourite music without any worries?

Yes, both are examples of peace according to the different people how they treat them. There have billions of people around the world with a different mindset, a different state of mind.

You may get peace in one way and others may get it in some other way.

I think people see it from a different point of view.

  • What does peace of mind indicate 
Complete relaxation of your body without any worries, tension and stress.

According to me, it is another form of calmness in your mind and body, which you may have experienced during

-laying on the Beach 
-sitting in a chair with a glass full of coffee 
-during a vacation with your loved ones 
-while sleeping after a whole working day 
-reading your favourite books 
-discussing your favourite topic with your partner 
-engaging with your hobby

  • serenity and external attitude

It is very much relatable with external behaviour, although it greatly influences our outer posture. Most of the thing we do on a daily basis all are influenced by our mind.

Whether it's maintaining your conversation with the person in front of you to our daily job, our mind makes a great impact on all that.

Our mind makes a balance on all that. If your mind is not peaceful then you cannot make a good attitude.

We really try hard to make a great attitude which can give a good impact on others point of view for us. It's really needed to make a good attitude all time.

Now obviously you are thinking what the f**king relation it has with a peaceful mind, right?

Once think it differently,

you are spending a day with a mental disturbance, where all things around you are really messy, getting bored, you have shown your rude attitude sometimes on someone.

Another day you have just woke up from bed, had a good meditation, you are talking to your partner/friends with a calm mind and feeling fresh for all day long.

Got the difference?

So, in the first one, you were mentally disturbed, and your state of mind was expressed through your attitude.
It's normal for anyone, during the mental disturbances

And in the second one, you are with a fresh mind, no worries, so, your outer attitude was showing that you're calm and cool.

Although it's not something to make you understand that our all parts of the body are internally connected to our brain, which controls our emotions, attitude, behaviour all that.

So, keeping the peace of mind is the first and foremost thing to maintain.

How to get peace of mind

 Frankly saying tons of books available out there and lots of blog pages available on the internet to motivate you. 

Some points I mentioned here might be helpful for you:

  • Communicate with others 
Talk with the person whom you feel most comfortable with to share everything, it acts as a stress-buster. At the end of the day when you are stressed out share your feelings with him or her.

  • Offer yourself music sometimes 

play some awesome music and spend some time. Though I call it music therapy, it’s very effective and having a cup of coffee with that can be the best pair together 

  • Solidarity 
It can be a great option to you for peace of mind sit alone in your chair under any tree or any alone, please. feel the surrounding, feel the sound of nature, feel yourself, listen to the inner you.

 Spending time alone can give you opportunities to find yourself as a best friend so, you can think more about your choices and can achieve great abilities to make decisions.

  • Sometimes shift to a quiet place from the crowded area
It’s better to leave the crowded place when you are getting disturbance. Our mind needs some rest sometimes when we are mentally disturbed. And keeping yourself in the crowd can increase that, at the same time you can get anxiety too.

So this time give some space to yourself by leaving the crowded place and choose a quiet place for sometime

  • Be cool and calm minded at all time 
It’s your mind and you have full control over it. Try to keep your mind cool in any situation. 

If you are getting angry sometimes I recommend you to go somewhere, let’s go in an empty place and try to understand your mind, if you are thinking to talk with someone do that, keep yourself calm.

Pray to God for everything become good

  • Meditation
Keeping a strict schedule of meditation is not a cup of tea for everyone, but if you have time enough every day try to get the habit of doing meditation.

-Try to do meditation every day for at least around 15 to 20 minutes 
-watch some free tutorials from YouTube and other informative sources.
-you can do the basic by yourself without any training from outsiders
-play some calm music during meditation 
-try to focus on your every move 
-do some deep breathing exercise with concentration

  • Give time to your hobby
Giving time to your hobby is another great option to get mindfulness. 
After a full working day it’s necessary to give sometimes to yourself and if you can then spent quality time with someone you love.

Inner peace brings calmness to our external attitude and body.

It is important to bring mindfulness into you and when you bring happiness the vision of seeing the external world will become positive.

Everyone’s life has some obsession but getting the peace of mind in tough time is most important

Sometimes we get so much obsessed and stressed that we feel a lack of serenity.

 You should avoid some of your habits to keep your mind peaceful:

  • Sometimes it’s better to avoid newspapers on news channels if they are grabbing your attention and making you obsessed.

  • Avoid negative people as much as possible 
They insert negative vibes and negative thoughts into your mind, somehow your subconscious mind to store them in some way, which gives you obsession.

  • Don’t be jealous of others 
it also makes you bothered at all time. If you are looking to people and feeling jealous then it makes you uncomfortable which is not recommended for your pleasure at all.


Enjoy your own company as much as possible. It’s something like you are cycling and enjoying nature with a bit cold breeze and listening to music or you are enjoying a movie on TV without any stress or worries.

Sometimes is really needed to enjoy your self-company, maybe you are in such a job where you don’t create your friends or colleagues all through the day then you should not feel bored or obsessed instead.

Final words 

we all have got different state of mind, varied from person to person. It’s sometimes hard to say about the therapy which can works perfectly for someone.

encouraging yourself to stay happy sometimes is a good option to keep a peaceful mind.
If you are obsessed with getting bored and stressed, mentally and physically so it’s time to offer some extra calmness to your mind.

Always remember whether you are in a relationship or staying with your family members or a free bird, you are one of the parts of their happiness.
Peace of mind is necessary for every time. 
If you are obsessed then somehow the people love you are obsessed too, so to make them happy you should keep serenity always.