Why being alone is better than being lonely?

what should you choose, loneliness or aloneness?

When you are lonely then you are alone too’- that’s a very wrong concept.
You cannot replace these two words with each other.
You can’t be alone and lonely at the same time, that’s my perspective.
Because loneliness and aloneness are two different situations.

Aloneness is the choice is being alone.
You are enjoying your own company, keeping yourself away from other people, staying in self-isolation from your own favour.

where loneliness is completely different.
In this situation, someone feels empty from inside, lacking friends or friendlessness. They often cravings for someone in their life to reduce their loneliness.

That’s how they differ from each other.
Got the difference between 2?

So if you also feel lonely then hey, 
you are not alone, don’t feel sad.
If you also feel that more often then there has a lot of people in our society who also feel it sometimes.

If you more often stay alone or love to stay separated from other people in society or have cravings for someone in life to talk then you may need someone to be with you.

You can read this article, where you might get some amazing tips to get rid of your loneliness

And see this to know your symptoms

Aloneness is a state of your mind, where you choose it on your own to be alone for your own happiness and to get peace of mind.

In this situation, you enjoy self-company just like you want to be happy with yourself without seeking for someone in life.

You don’t go for anyone to talk or need someone to make you happy, just enjoy the silence

For instance, 
when you are getting a small vacation after a huge project or you get a short break from your office, that’s the time you want to enjoy quality time by prioritising only yourself other than finding someone to spend time with.

It is time you really spend your quality time alone.

Actually when you are with a group of people then you cannot feel much better than when you are alone
But how you do this by owning that’s up to you.

It’s also quite a good reason to stay alone sometimes.

That is how you can find your passion. 

If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself. - Paulo Coelho

But the loneliness is not good, even for a bit.


Loneliness actually come from many ways,

some of them are-

Changing your home or society: in this case, you can feel this attachment from the people you with previously

After leaving your college: that makes a huge impact on you when you are leaving your all friends

After marriage: shifting to a new family with so many new people can also make you feel that.

Breakups: most people suffer from the pain of break up, which is nothing new though.

Actually, in such cases, people feel the void spaces in their life without those people, occupied previously a lot.
That’s the only matter.

Nowadays one more thing is added, that is IAD or Internet Addiction Disorder. It may cause of long term effect on someone’s mental health. Which you should know more about this to get rid of it.

Always remember,

Loneliness is not only pulling you downward but also making weak day by day, and it can make you temporary introvert too.

So always look forward, look for the best in every situation and when you feel lonely then you need to share your thoughts, feelings with your nearest people, who can understand your such feelings and can handle you in this situation.

If you feel it ties you up, then you can break the boundary too.
Always think about yourself, your loved ones, your family members who are loving you unconditionally, you have to take care of them. 

So, try to come out From your loneliness as soon as possible, get some positivity.

Check it out to ensure if you have any such symptoms, if so then consult your doctor for some cure.

A few words at the end

Your loneliness is not only affecting you but it also making an impact on them you are staying with. They may also get mental depression which is unexplainable for them.

So, why you’re not asking someone to your feelings with to break the boredom? 
why you’re not making friends?

Make some real-life friends and laugh loudly.

Share the positivity with your friends who may need this to know.