Is that worth to be a positive thinker? Why should you get rid of the pessimistic mindset?

positive thinker
Are you an optimist or pessimist

If you ask me should you be a positive thinker? 
then my answer will be yes, obviously within a second and without thinking twice.

But a ‘why’ always come in between everything.
So, the question arrives why you should be like that, right?

Before jump into the main topic, I would like to discuss a bit more with you.

Everybody of us has our own perspective and point of views on every different thing. we all think differently by her choice and this is the most important part. 
Nobody has any control over our thoughts and you shouldn’t keep.
This is how we love to keep ourselves.

We all born with our very own mindset and this is how we grew up but sometimes situation makes ourselves too positive or too negative.

The one-way thinking is too boring isn’t that? so, let’s talk about the negative mindset first.

How we adopt a negative mindset:

As I have said earlier that nobody of us born with a positive or negative mindset but we adopt this while growing, and some of the influences work as well.

For instance, have you ever seen a small child is thinking too much? yes or no? 
but often you will see her/him is giggling. 

Was that not a perfect example of what I told?

So how we often adopt this mindset?

During grow up we come in touch with so many other people in our lives and some of them are our favourite, so we interact with them very well.

Here is the point you have to think about how much time you are spending with them, is it just five minutes a day or five hours each day.

If the time is more then yes you are adopting a mindset a slightly like them.

And another important point is that if the person is in your favourite list then yes it can be said that your mind is it will become Same as like that period.

So when anyone is surrounded by one or a group of negative personality then his or her mindset will be more likely to them.
 So it can be easily said that when you interact more with negative personality then you can adopt a negative mindset too.

How negative mindset can you hold you back from being a positive thinker

Well let’s start with a simple example, when we all were in school then sometimes we were feared by some teachers, maybe it’s to talk with them doesn’t matter, if I am not quite wrong you were also like that right?

I fear factor for a fear factor were working on that
Here fear and negative attitude working together.

Your mindset is holding you back from talking to him or her as it is saying if the teacher will scold you or ask any question and if you cannot answer it well?

So, here your fear and negative mindset are responsible for that.
 It shows your negative attitude as well. 

So a negative mindset always pushes you back from being an optimist.

 why should you be a positive thinker

Why ask yourself, if you read this previous part of this article you might get your to answer but, if no then let’s talk.

First of all the benefits of being a positive thinker is countless, yes countless you can easily realise if you are.

Where a negative thinker often say I can’t, there a positive thinker always think I can. here is the main difference in attitude, why you cannot when you did not try yet?

Here I am attaching a screenshot from one of my early written articles see the differences -

positive thinker

Okay you can read it if you want Eliminate gloominess

Where a negative mindset holds you back there a positive one can encourage you always.

I know a lot of people out there is a pessimist and holding a negative mindset, here is my suggestion for them,
Try to be positive, if you’re letting fear of anything then go ahead and just do it. Don’t interact more with negative personality or pessimist, surrounds yourself with positive people always.

Actually, a negative mindset can be adopted easily where a positive one takes much time to grow. So, you have to be conscious to gently adopt a positive mind.

This was a little suggestion from me, try to do that if possible.

Final words

Not only you are pessimist out there(if you are) so don’t worry about that. You can change yourself if you wanna change.

It’s not a big factor, just motivate yourself to be positive every day. 

Be positive, live positivity.