Know the causes of your loneliness and way to deal with it 


Do you think, you are the only one who feels lonely in the whole universe? Not exactly, my friend, there has a lot of people with anxiety, boredom feel the same as like you. 

So hey, if you’re feeling so you are not the one and only.

A study says that every 2 out of 8 people feel lonely when they are at the age between 18-24

As an introvert, I could relate with the word more often, and this made me angry sometimes too, which I had to tackle.

If you grow up as an introvert, then you don’t wanna make so many friends or don’t engage with a lot of people outside. We made social distances from a long ago.

But whatever the reason is, most importantly you have to get rid of that. 
So, let’s talk 

What the loneliness actually is?

It’s not just a word, being lonely means being isolated, dis attachment, disconnection from the people around you (either physically or mentally) and so on.

Here we don’t wanna make attachment easily with other people too.

Being lonely is a major reason for dis attachment from our social life.

So, why we often feel so?

Most of us actually think that loneliness is a matter of age, like when we get too old then it starts grabbing us slowly. 
But simply the fact is not true always, age is only a number, it doesn’t matter how old you are, loneliness can be felt at any stage of our life.

Here the main cause comes from when we get detached from the people were too close to us ( e.g after shifting to a new place or home or society, separation from college friends, breakup, marriage or even when we move to a new place for our job )

And most introvert people don’t wanna make friends too soon, so they feel it badly though.

Why it's increasing so fast?


If you count each person then it can be realised that the number is increasing day by day, 
but why?

We, humans, are social creatures(by the way every creature though) but we love to interact with more people(not everyone).
We always live in society, more closely with our neighbours.

But the modern lifestyle is making the impact. Nowadays with improving technology we always want to get everything so easily, instantly with one touch.

From the Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp to most of the dating sites are giving us the chance to stay close always but actually, we are making dis attachment from our close one.

Even sometimes we get too engage with our mobile or laptop that we forget to spend quiet time with our real-life friends.

Nowadays we are living in a virtual world more than the real one.

So, should we blame the technology for that?

Quite yes but not fully.

As our modern technology is improving, now it’s easy to connect with someone staying far away from us in just a few seconds, even in midnight too.
So instead of blaming, we should thank them.

But it is happening because we are making ourselves engage more with the technologies as if we can’t live without that.

But in between all of these, we should find a way to eliminate our loneliness.

This steps will help you to lead a less lonely life-

Keys to activate a life with less loneliness :

  • Say yes to new friends: The more you’ll stay alone, the more empty you’ll feel from inside. So every time stay with someone from whom you can get attention even if a bit also, which is enough to break your aloneness. Here I’m talking about a real friend, not just a virtual one. 
Be with someone who can make you laugh is quite enough to break your mental boredom.
  • Eat together: In our busy schedule we often don’t get time enough to eat together, either breakfast, lunch or dinner and when we come to the table we feel alone. It more or less brings some gloominess inside. If you wanna cut down the aloneness then eat your meal with your family members, even if at least once in a day/week. 
Always remember, togetherness is the best medicine to eliminate the feeling of being lonely.
  • Get more engage: If you are engaging with more people in life then it’s the best thing ever to get enjoyment in between your busy, alone life. It’s not only to decrease the aloneness but also reduce the rate of anxiety in your daily routine.
Maybe you are settled in a new place or new home, there has no one who knows you, you are too bored at that time.

  • Go outside: When you stay at home for a long time without meeting or taking anyone then you get bored and at the same time you get anxious for no reason. It is the main cause which leads you towards anxiety too. You have to choose which you like, either stay alone at home or get around so many friends.
So, don’t just wait for someone to come to you. Get outside of your room and say a simple Hello to someone. You’ll become enjoy their company.
  • Say hello to new ideas: Always welcome to any new thoughts. If it is crawling into your mind, then let’s explore in a new way. Your boredom will go instantly after engaging with new thoughts and if you have passion for that.
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Over to you

Don’t you think that loneliness can cause of your fear, anxiety and even mental disbalance? 

If so then why you are spending time alone till now?

What if you will say hi! first? Or ask someone for friendship, just share your thoughts. If you are feeling depressed then tell her/him.
You will feel much relief by that.

Make some real-life friends, not just a virtual one and enjoy your life fully.

Thanks for reading this article,