How to be happy alone and why?

how to be happy alone

Aloneness is only enjoyable when you can observe the beauty of silence fully.

Humans are that social creature, who always love to stay in a group, love togetherness as always.
So this question ‘How to be happy alone’ is quite irrelevant for most of the time.
But sometimes it much needed more than the necessity of it. Sometimes it's needed to choose aloneness to be happy.
Some situations make us like that.

When something makes a great impact on us, then we often try to spend time alone and stay separate from anyone around us.

I always recommend to stay together, stay close to others. 
Cause togetherness can make the bond stronger with everyone and help you to build a good character but, 
I also think that aloneness is great to bring your inner peace

Aloneness can bring peace, happiness and can help you to find a better you and a lot more advantages are there.

It can give such answers like who you are, what you prefer the most, whom you should choose for yourself, what do you belong and most importantly what kind of person you are.

A world through an introvert’s eye

It seems somehow the world more likely to praise extroverts and introverts are staying at a corner as always, but if you can check statistics then you may find around more than 40% of the total population are introverts. 

And as you are reading this then probably you are an introvert too, forgive me if I’m wrong.

People often ask me how can I spend most of the time alone or don’t I like to talk to others?

Yes, of course, I do. 
I often like to talk with friends or anyone but moreover, I also like to spend time alone.

I likely spend time with people interested in the same topics or having an area of interest in such topics.
If you are an extrovert then you probably love to attend parties, hang-out with friends or clubs etc. but, it seems wrong to make such ideas that an introvert may not like these.

As an introvert, I also like that too but not so frequently. 
If you are inviting me then come to a quiet place and let share your ideas. I’ll obviously attend the party.
But, during attending a party more likely I’ll choose a corner other than talking with a gang.
Because I need some time to keep my mind calm.

Some doubtful thoughts you may often get while alone

While spending your alone time day by day, one after another it means somehow you are choosing solitude slowly.

And there is nothing wrong riding solo. If you don’t want to share your bed or feelings with anyone or don’t need anyone to walk beside you then it’s absolutely fine.

As you are choosing solitude to be happy, so it’s very normal to get some doubtful thoughts at every moment. 
  • Am I different than others 
  • Is there anything wrong with my personality?
  • Why people don’t like me?
  • Shall I choose loneliness forever
  • Why I don’t have a girlfriend?
  • Is my behaviour good enough?
  • Will it affect my mentality?
And many more...
Here I’m going to point out 3 best ideas, you can adopt to enjoy the best alone time ever.

So, why and most importantly how to be happy alone in life

  • Observe the silence 
A group of friends can make a moment enjoyable, can share their thoughts or even they can make you happy in your bad days.

But the silence can heal you, make you stronger, make you realise your ability to do anything and much more. 

That is the beauty of silence, have you enjoyed it ever? 

When we stay close to each other then we can feel, know each other better, but how much you know yourself?

Have you ever tried to listen to the whispering of your heart carefully? 

In this case, silence could be your best friend, which can make decisions for you. Who can also tell you about someone, you should choose to stay with.

So, if the silence can make you happy then should you choose it forever? Obviously big no.

You should choose silence only when it is needed.

4 ideas to enjoy complete silence 

how to be happy alone

#1 plug-in your headphone, play some calm music (not upbeat) and go to the terrace. You will feel the beauty of nature.

#2 it’s morning or evening doesn’t matter, go to the roof or any silent place and practice meditation.

#3 go to the balcony or at the roof and just don’t do anything, listen to the sound of the breeze and observe your surroundings, enjoy the silence.

#4 pick your favourite book and a cup of coffee, just enjoy your precious time alone.

  • Know yourself better than anyone else
Often we think that nobody knows ourself better than us but maybe we know just a few only. 

Aloneness is a great opportunity to explore yourself better than any other time. 

The hidden precious gems are waiting to tell you who you are, what you can and what you want.

More often engage with many friends and get busy to enjoy our life, and that is why we don’t get time enough to think about ourselves.
So, don’t waste your time while alone, use that time to explore yourself better. Try to think about what you truly want and make sure that you’ll follow your passion and dream.

So, how to make a mindset like that?

First of all kick off the thought that you are unhappy because you are alone, instead of that think you have one less problem than others, who are in relationships.

Often talk to yourself and ask some questions about what you really want, what the thing you love the most, what you want to become and most importantly try to be happy with yourself.

  • Always consider choosing the best for yourself
You are the one and only precious gems for yourself.
You shouldn’t hate the inner you for whatever the reason is, always treat yourself as a queen/king of your own kingdom. Always choose the best for you.

When we purchase any gifts for others then we choose the best but we often forget to do the same during buying anything for ourselves, we probably go for the cheaper one.

Why this partiality? Don’t you love yourself?

This kind of action always shows your valueless thinking for your own.
Here you often make your heart gloomy by thinking that you are not much worthy like others.

You should probably stop doing this.

So from the next time when you’ll go shopping then you’ll have to pick the best one you can afford for yourself.

Always remember these 3 mantras to spent alone life happily 

  1. Self-love is the best
  2. Don’t get bothered by others opinion
  3. Always appreciate your existence 

Self-love is the best

We all are somehow bonded by love. Love does exist everywhere, for each and every single thing around us.

You may love someone, that person also loves something, your family members love you too.
Even the shirt you often wear is also for your love for the shirt.

So why not to show some of the love for yourself?

Always remember you are the best friend to yourself. So make a strong bond with yourself first.

First, learn to prioritise your all needs.

So from choosing the best for yourself to eating your favourite dish, all these are such ways to show self-love.

This will make your life easier while living alone.

So, self-love is the best answer to the question- ‘how to be happy alone

Don’t put someone’s thoughts into your mind:

It’s a very bad habit to get bothered by thinking others opinions for you, there is nothing wrong though but you shouldn’t.

This only can increase headache, put some fear into the mind and nothing.

We often get worried about what people will think if I’ll choose aloneness or what if anyone will pass some judgmental comments and many more.

First of all why to think about those people when you are choosing aloneness for your own happiness?

Secondly, they are not going to put a cake on your plate by thinking so.

If you are choosing solitude to get some comfort then let the people think about what they want.

Gossip is not a matter to consider if you know you’re not wrong.

Always appreciate your existence:

how to be happy alone

Maybe you are not the famous or richest one in your society. But you are one, who you are.
You are not in a relationship or separated from others of your group, these are not very uncommon but more you think that more you get upset.

So, first of all, stop thinking you are alone, stop thinking that you are not in a relationship with someone but instead start appreciating your existence. Think how happy you are.

Maybe you are a little different than others, so what? That’s the uniqueness you are holding.

Be unique, be you.