Speaking in public or in front of a group of people is one of the biggest fear I’ve realised during college days or during my school days.

At the beginning of this article, I want to make it clear to you that I was an introvert till a few years back. And that is why I was almost maintaining miles of distance from any group of people or performing on stage.

Public speaking
Enhance your skill of speaking in front of public 

It seems funny to you but if you also an introvert then you can understand this feeling too.

Now in this article, I’ll talk freely to you to motivate you as much as possible so that you can also overcome the fear of public speaking.

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What is public speaking and what’s the biggest fear of it?

When you go to talk with a group of people or giving a speech in front of hundreds to thousands of people that is actually what the public speaking is.

You may have seen it before at many places like in any stage show, any concert or even in your school or college.

When some people are listening to your voice and you’re facing them from the very near place then it’s actually what it is.
And the fear comes from that.

Have you ever tried to give speeches publicly or in school? If you’ve also tried it for once then you may know the fear of it.

The biggest fear of delivering a speech is to deliver it properly.

First of all, you get nervous and afraid to deliver the speech correctly, maybe you were thinking to avoid it but your mind was saying to do that.

So when you was forgetting that have you ever thought why you are forgetting the speech even after remember it for more than 100 times?

It’s just because of your nervousness. And it’s normal for anyone trying that for the first time.

So hence the biggest fear is to deliver the speech to the people watching you.
And another thing is important to consider, for your nervousness you try to deliver it correctly and look into it again and again so that you are not making any mistake during giving the speech.

Why you get nervous during giving a speech?

There have several reasons behind your fear of public speaking.


Your nervousness is the biggest enemy. Whenever you go to deliver it then your mind says don’t do that, your mind always tries to make you feel that you’re unable to do just because of the fear.

No. 2

Your shyness is another factor to consider. Which won’t let you go in front of people and deliver the speech. 

Now if you’re an introvert then trust me the shyness is the most important factor to overcome. Once you can overcome the shyness that means you’re ready for the performance.

No. 3

Negative thoughts: This actually creates negative vibes around you.

Suppose you’re going to prepare that speech and some times you’re feeling if you can’t deliver it properly?
What if you forget any part of the speech in the middle?
Or what if people will laugh at you by hearing this? A lot more thoughts you can get from a negative mindset.

No. 4

Another factor is people’s opinions, though you should not consider that.

People try to criticise when they want to pull you back from the stage. They laugh, they throw bad words, bad opinion even after if you’re good enough.

That is why you should never listen to them, and if you’re doing that it means you’re creating negative vibes around you.

So what’s the solution?

The fear of speaking in public cannot become invisible in one day of even after a few practices.

It requires continuous practice and performance in front of the public.

If you practice this each and every day and keep a consistency then it will be easier for you to do that.
Because practice and consistency are two factors on which the success depends.

Now coming to those points one by one, mentioned earlier:

To remove nervousness you have to keep a daily practice. Practice it when you’re free or even if you are getting a short break so during that time you can involve yourself into this practice.

Keep patience and do practices as much you can. 
Surely your nervousness will become reduced.

Now after nervousness another problem arrives with shyness.

To remove that first you have to start performing, and it can be good enough for you if you give it a start with performing in front of someone you know.

Tell them not to laugh at you instead if they observe any mistakes they should tell you about your mistakes. Then point it out and try to improve more.

Replace your negative thought with positive thoughts, motivate yourself more and by that automatically a positive vibe will be created around you.

And nothing can be better than motivational thoughts to eliminate your negative thoughts for a better public speaking skill.

I can suggest you don’t think about people’s opinions or so on. Believe in yourself and pray to God always, do hard work to give shape your dreams into reality.


I think these points mentioned above will help you to improve your public speaking skills. Now you have to do practice and keep consistency to improve it more.

Pray to God to give you strength, so that you can overcome any obstacles. And overlook criticism of others as much as possible.

Go ahead with better skill.