Productivity is a big factor when it comes to time management or any similar topic, here we should follow a schedule to manage our time to get flexibility during doing any task. 
To complete any task it’s much needed to keep an eye on time managing process too.

Here in this post, I’ll tell you some good points which you can use to be flexible with your time and also helpful for making schedule as well.


Some steps towards managing your time 

We all try to finish our task before the deadline arrives, but most of us not get enough ideas about to do that.
Sometimes we may finish our task after the deadline arrives.

If you just follow some simple steps then probably you can be a good finisher of your task as well.

And for that, you need to know some of these ideas I’m going to share in this article.

But first of all, it’s needed to know why to manage time?

  • To decrease stress factor 
  • To increase productivity 
  • To finish any task before the deadline arrives 
  • To do more task in a short period 
  • To do all task with more effort 
  • And finally, you can save some extra time to relax.

After seeing this above-mentioned points what do you think, should you follow the process to become more proactive? 

If yes then here are some steps:

Decide your task first

It’s up to you that which you choose to do at first. If you are having lots of task in hand and you have to finish them all, then it’s always better to decide the first task you wanna complete and so on.

Make a todo list and write down your decision on that. You’ll get a great workflow by that.

Arrange them accordingly 

When you have more than 3/4 tasks in hand then it’s quite difficult to decide which one you’ll choose to do first but after making the decision it’s always better to arrange them one by one. 

It will help you to focus on each task even better.

Make a list and one by one write which one you’ll do after which task and let’s start with the first one and do them one by one.

Arrange them according to their prioritisation 

Yet every task is important and necessary to do but some of them are more important than another one. You have to decide them according to their priority level.

For example, more important task= high priority and less important task = less priority.

You have to look at all of your tasks first and choose them with priority number.

Set your time

Once you made the arrangement now it’s the time to set your time for each task.
For better workflow and for better use of the time.

Write down the time besides of every task you want to finish before. 

You are not bounded by time but, adoption of a habit to finish each task before the deadline arrives is always better.

Remove any non-essential task from the list

Now you have your todo list and all things are listed there. You just have to do a little more thing.

Take a pen and remove the least essential task from the list and if possible try to remove the non-essential task from the list.
Or keep this task at the very end of this list.

Go for that only when you’ll finish all necessary tasks.

Try to put little more effort to highly prioritised tasks

I am not telling you to ignore other task but sometimes it’s better to put little more extra effort into every important task.

Because as you’ve decided to do them first then you can easily give your effort on them. And so why you can finish them easily.

By that, you’ll be able to take some rest or you can do rest of the task easily effortlessly.

Now whether you are making this managing plan or not, you should know the cons, if you’re not following them.

Reasons why you shouldn’t avoid time management plans:


To make a better focus 

I’m not the only one who suggests that but a majority of people follow this easy step.

If you’re too much sensitive with your task and eagerly waiting to complete that in a period then you should follow this.

Because your time is limited and you have to do it better, so this management skill is important to make your focus better towards any particular task your doing.

To avoid the results of poor quality task

If you are willing to get a great result of your task then you should choose them wisely and by above-mentioned points, you can become more sensitive to do that even with more concentration.

Doing too many tasks together means a division of your efforts into all of them, so planning is a great important factor to consider.

To reduce your stress level

You may also know the problem you face sometimes to handle more task at a time. Which also increase your stress level too high.
And at that moment you can’t concentrate on them as well.

But if you make a better plan for them and follow them before starting any, then with increasing concentration for that task your stress level will also reduce at the same time.

To get a great workflow 

When all other factors are going great then it’s easy for you to making more concentration on what you’re doing.

It’s going to give a great workflow for your planned topic.


Some people often get too much stress to make a better decision, whether many people do that very well.

The time management factor work at that place very well. You should focus more on that before getting started with any new task.

If you can organise your topics before get started with them and planned them well then it can become easier for you to follow them quite easily and your work quality will be improved.