stay focused

You live your daily life with your own law of living and try to stay focused on everything you’re doing, especially if it’s within your chosen topic.

But have you ever experienced shifting of your focus from that particular thing? 
If yes then this article will help you to improve your focus even more. 

Some necessary discussion to stay focused 

If you just think that keeping your focus on something = continually dis attachment from other sources
(Later in this post I’ve discussed this)

then you’re probably quite wrong. 
Every time you don’t have to follow this rule. 

You can keep your concentration while you’re not dis attached with the outer world.

But, more or less you have to be dis attached sometimes to making the focus on your hobbies or whatever you’re doing.

My rule of concentration vs distraction 

stay focused
(Concentration vs distractions curve)

The amount of concentration is inversely proportional to the number of distractions and vice-versa.

Means if you get more distractions then you’ll have less concentration on anything.

And more concentration means fewer distractions (but this is not true always).

During paying 100% attention to something can divert your mind from any outer things, and then you are not really distracted by others at that moment but distractions will always be there to draw your attention.

You just have to make a boundary with outer distractions, so that they’ll be unable to draw your attention.

Avoid outer sources to stop getting distracted 

When it comes to keeping focus then you should make some commitments which can give you a clear mindset about avoiding any outer sources which cause your distractions.

When you are busy with your favourite topic or doing great with your homework at that time if your friends are calling you or you’ve just heard a sound from outside then you move your mind to that source.

It’s called D I S T R A C T I O N (understood?)

So, you should never allow your mind to move the focus from whatever you are doing.

And making a commitment is a great way to do that.

Before doing or starting any work make a commitment that you’re going to finish that at first, 
and in between that if your friends will call you or you’ll get cravings of watching TV then you’re going to shut down all doors of other thoughts.

Why can’t you keep focus?


When you’re doing anything and more often get distracted that means you are getting interested for some other task at the same time. 

And this is why you just shift your focus towards other things.

We face it when we do multiple tasks at a time and this time our brain can’t handle that all task at the same time.
Cause our brain is not made for that yet.

For example, while you’re listening to music during reading a book then you’re trying to concentrate either in study or listening to music.

But you’re disagreeing that right?

Ok, no matter I’ll explain to you.

stay focused
No multi-tasking, One task at a time

You can’t do multiple tasks at the same time because our brain is not made in that way, or if you think you can then you are probably trying to concentrate more in something than the other one.

Means either you’re concentrating on the study while the music is just playing at the background or you’re focusing on listening to music while you just give a pause to your study.

So, try to do one thing at a time for a better result and to stay focused


Most of the time we just get things done for the deadline.

You can observe, when you have to submit a project to your office within two days then you just hardly try to finish that within time.

That is because a deadline is made for you and you’re bounded by that, you’re focusing more on your project to finish it before the deadline will arrive.

But when you don’t have any pressure then more often you don’t care about finish your job at the right time.

That is why you need to make a commitment (discussed above) 

Some necessary steps to stay focused 

Here are some necessary steps you need to follow whether getting started with some new thoughts and work.
You should keep these below points in mind:

  • Commitment 
Make a commitment to yourself the same as I’ve discussed above. 

First, make sure that you’re going to listen to yourself and then put this into your mind. 
But don’t compromise with the commitment you’ve made. Always try to fulfil that.

  • Close the door 
Whether or not if you are trying to concentrate more on your project or anything you’re doing please make sure the door is closed.

As we cannot concentrate on more things at a time and that is why you shouldn’t give outer things any chance to distract you.

  • Keep your phone silent 
Always try to keep your phone away from yourself while attempting anything you’re committed to doing.

It’s a great weapon to make distractions easily, even with a small beep of a message.

If you are making project or reading books or even making paintings then make sure your phone is away from you and try to keep it in silent mode at that time.

  • Finish any important task before starting a new one
You get easily distracted when your brain reminds you about any unfinished task you’ve just left.

While getting busy with another one then get your previous task done before starting the new one, then you can follow that better and can focus on it even more.

  • See it as your own boss
Try to treat your task as you listen to him every time.

You are bounded to follow all rules and guidelines which your boss gives you and try to fulfil before the deadline comes.

Treat your task like that. Make sure you are going to do that first and then you’ll do anything else.

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Over to you

If you feel overwhelmed during complete your task or get a little bored, then try to take a short coffee or tea break.
Because caffeine is very much helpful to increase concentration.

But, always avoid any outer sources of distractions to stay focused.

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