A fresh early morning is good to start your day and help you to become more productive.

But if you wanna prioritise your goal then stick to your priority first. It doesn’t mean that you’ll leave other things as it is but most importantly makes a habit to do your task smartly and try to do smart work more frequently.

stick to your priority
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A complete guide for sticking to your priority 

To reach towards your goal and to achieve it most importantly you have to keep some promises to yourself.

Here is a list so that you can easily remember the important things to consider.


Make your priority list

We all have some own bucket list and we love them all. When you are getting interested in something and doing this then you’re probably giving priority to it more than anything else.
That is called priority.

So first thing first, you have to make your own list, should be listed all things of your own priority.

Then choose anything to do from your list and most importantly, first of all, decide which task among them suits you best. If you’re choosing it from the heart then there will be least possibilities of getting distracted by that.

Remove non-priorities things 

We often love to try anything new, and that’s the reason we sometimes get distracted from things we love.

If you have true feelings for something and want it from the heart then go for that.

Like if you’re committed then you can better understand this matter.
For example, you have chosen someone you love the most to become his/her life partner and you are happy to have that person in your life.

Same as this example you have to choose your most priorities things first and then remove other unnecessary things from the list.

Try to set your priority list like:

  • Most priorities things and you love too(keep at the top)
  • You love and least necessary (medium priority)
  • Least Necessary and you don’t love (low priority)
  • Don’t love and not necessary (remove from list)

Removal of unnecessary things is sometimes necessary to avoid distractions.

Set your goal

Though Setting of your goal should be your first priority, by the way as you have read those first two points, now coming to this.

As you’ve already decided based on your own interest, now set your goal to fulfil.

Make your mind to fulfil those things you have chosen and you have to achieve that in any condition.

Confidence is a big factor to consider here, you have to build trust and have to be confident enough that you can stick to your niche.

Keep your focus on your goal

As you’ve set your goal, now the next important thing is to keep concentration on that goal you’ve already made, and consistently keep focus.

Every day it’s your first priority to grow it towards better.

Make it a habit 

As you can’t forget to skip your breakfast or lunch, the same you have to do with it. 

You have to practice it daily. There shouldn’t have any skip button so that you can skip it whenever you wish.

Remember consistency is the key.

For example if you wanna grow a plant then you have to provide water for a daily basis. 
 Same you have to do with your interest. You have to put your daily effort to grow it better.


Don’t shift your focus 

Now everything is ready to work to achieve your goal, just you need a little attention on what you’re doing.

Don’t shift your focus anywhere else when you’re making concentration.

I like to tell you that distractions have its own character to shift your focus, but don’t focus more on that. 
Just carry on what you’re doing.

Don’t leave your task incomplete 

If you wanna stick to your priority then don’t leave your task incomplete.

Every time you start your task just complete it before leave it as it is.

Always finish your task before touch another one.

And at last, another important point here is,

Don’t move from the track by any distractions.

If you have started something and doing it better then don't move or shift your focus towards anything from it. Put your continuous effort for it and try to do it even better. 

Grow on the way you are going, but don't let any distraction shift your focus from the track of your journey for priority.