Do you ever feel super tired, overwhelmed, week after an entire day of work? 
Do you think you need more energy to handle this busy schedule even more energetically?

So then you may need to follow this more casually, more lightly to cope it properly.

Maintain a busy schedule

All you need to know to handle a busy schedule 

Whenever you need your busy, hectic schedule to be reduced then take some time and first try to make your propaganda list and it can be the best practice to deal with it.

It seems easy to do 5/6 different tasks on the same day cause there have 24 hours in a day, but not so easy at it looks like.

Within a day you need to sleep properly for about 7-8 hours, so now you have probably 17 hours left in a day. Now if you combine all other necessary tasks at one place like taking showers, breakfast, lunchtime, dinner then it all may take 3-4 hours easily.

So now you have 12 hours left in hand. So you may get 11 hours to complete your all tasks because you need some break during doing a task.

Now, what do you think after seeing this? It’s looking very easy to do 5/6 task in a day?

It’s kind of hectic to do that right?
So you need to deal it with properly.

Some probable reason why you feel this tiredness 

Sometimes it’s may not cause one or two but many of the reasons are there for which well feel overwhelmed after a long entire day.
And it’s not always possible to go around and chill with other friends, sometimes you have to deal with it on your own.

So what may be the reason why you feel tired?

Here are some probable reason,

  • You got so many words in a single day
  • Your workload is hectic 
  • You are probably not getting any space between your works
  • Your brain is telling to finish this work while your entire body is tired 
  • Your body is with full of energy but your brain is getting bored

They are main but not only these, but tons of other reasons are there behind your boredom and tiredness. Which you have to analyse them first and then try to deal with to eliminate them easily.

Some easy solutions to make your day stress free 

You need to focus more on some easy steps to reduce your mental stress.

  • Prepare your priority list first and work according to it. Make your list like most important work= high priority, less important work= less priority. Now once you decide them and going to start then start with the high priority and do the rest of them later. If you think there has something which is not really important then try not to do that immigration but set a time or write it somewhere or set a reminder on your mobile so that you’ll not forget to do that even in later on.

  • Prepare your mind to do these task in a single day. You need to know how your brain works for stress management. Your brain actually inform about your stress level when it exceeds than usual, and so why you get stress. If you prepare your brain to do that much of particular things in a single day then it can allow you to do that without any hesitation and tiredness. During a busy schedule, you should do that before starting your work.

  • Give proper rest to your body. If you wanna increase your productivity then you need to follow this. If you’re not sleeping properly or not taking proper rest during while it’s required then your body is getting weak day by day and sometimes you get too much mental stress during work time. 

  • Take meal at the proper time and most importantly don’t skip them. Either breakfast or lunch or dinner don’t miss any of them. If you neglect them then it may cause your weakness and not supply enough energy to do your task. If you are someone who takes breakfast but doesn’t take lunch properly every day or skip them for your task to complete then it’s a very bad habit. You need to eat properly and if possible the same time every day. If your body doesn’t get enough energy supply then how it can allow you to do more work? So eat properly every day.

  • Take short brakes. Are you doing excessive work at a very little time without taking a single break? If so then try to take a short break in between your tasks. It can reduce your stress.


We all are bounded by daily routine and probably all have a busy schedule with excessive workflow. But sometimes it’s necessary to involve in some fun activities or something you likely to do.

If you are just getting involved in your work and don’t engage in social life then your easy tasks can be felt harder.

Sometimes it’s good to take a short break to give some rest to your body and reduce mental stress.