Impress’ is such a word which more or less associated with any of the relationships in the world. 

When two people make a relationship then they often try to impress each other by bringing some changes on them or good to say some new changes, either in character or habits.

Do you really think it’s mandatory to change yourself for someone to impress that person?

Or we just love to get more attention from the opposition?

I’ll try to help you to find these such answers in this article.

don't change yourself for someone else

Should you change yourself for someone?

When two people make a relationship and try to engage into them and also try to give a shape to it then often they try to engage on it more and make some adjustments so that it can get a perfect shape of the relationship.

But our human nature always tends to focus more on changes and there has such a big group of reasons behind that also.

When your partner says you look beautiful in tight jeans or the red top make you more attractive or you look good with beards then we come to know their choices (likes and dislikes) and we try to adopt these habits to get more attention and to get an attractive look in our partner’s eye.

Sometimes they are meaningful but what if they are meaningless to bring those changes to impress opposition? 

Are you really want these changes too or just doing by her/his saying?

Good and bad changes 

When we love our partners and care about every little thing of them then we bring changes on us for their happiness which is sometimes priceless for us.

But the question is are you really happy with those changes or just doing it forcefully?

There have two things, 
one- you’re doing because you also love to change them and you’re really happy to bring those changes on you.

Two- you are just doing it forcefully, just to make another person happy or to impress him/her.

The first one is obviously good to do and also good for you too but if that is not the reason behind bringing the changes and another is the main reason then you are not maybe satisfied or truly happy with these changes.

It’s called forcing. 

If you love yourself as you are and don’t think to make any further changes then it’s basically meaningless to change something forcefully.
Maybe your partner won't like that but if you tend to change by their opinion them first make sure you’re happy and can happily accept that thing.

Otherwise don’t go for that change which is not good for you or form your own opinion.

Accept the change only if it’s truly good for you

Sometimes it’s quite meaningful to accept the changes if someone is suggesting to you for your wellness.

When anyone is telling you to make some changes and you also think its good either for your health or heart then go for those changes without any hesitation.

If you’re smoking too much or watching movies for long hours throughout the day and then if someone suggests you to not to do that or they don’t like you to do that then first ask yourself these questions first 

  • Is that good for yourself?
  • Will it bring any positive changes?
  • Is it good for you to hold that habit?
  • Will it make you a better personality?

If you get yes for all these questions, then it’s quite obvious to bring the changes.

Cause don’t every time think your partner wrong.

When she/ he truly loves you, trying to more engage with you, care for you then they always love to see every bit of positive changes into you.

And maybe you’ll be happy to get the changes into you too.

Stop impressing, start living life fully 

You love the blue shirt but you’re wearing this red shirt with white stripes or maybe you like to wear shorts but as your boyfriend said you look pretty wearing jeans and you’re doing that.
Is that make sense?

You live your life to enjoy every bit of it not to impress anyone.

Don’t always try to impress someone by bringing their opinion into you, rather than start doing which makes you feel better.

You should not change your taste of music or movie just because the opponent is saying, if he/she truly loves you then it doesn’t matter what you wear or what you watch, you’ll be loved for as you are.

If you’re doing what you love, what you prefer to do then it means you’re living your life fully.


Sometimes some good changes are good for you too. If your partner is suggesting you for any changes then don’t always think she or he is wrong, but first, find the answer is that good for you too?
And if the answer is yes then go for it without any hesitation.

Some people are there who always love us, love to see our happiness, so if they are suggesting anything don’t take that always wrong. Try to bring that into you if it's good.

But also remember to live your life fully, if the change doesn’t make you feel happy then overlook that.