Many of us heard some times that quality over quantity does matter. Or some people tell that most of the time. 

Does that really matter a lot? Or people just say it without any reason?

Let’s take a look.

is quality over quantity good?

What is quantity over quantity means?

I think the answer is quite simple, 
You should go for quality even if it less and should not bother about quantity much more.

Quantity is the number behind which we often ran, and why not? it looks attractive to have fruit full of the bucket rather than a bucket with only a few fruits.

That is the main reason why we often choose quantity over quality and forget about their actual quality.

Quality over quantity for your habits

We always run behind good habits and all, and just try to grab them all at once. We just try to develop good habits as much as possible soon.

But when you are trying to hold such good habits then you’re trying to grab them all under a few periods when you should do it carefully and should take some times to develop the good habits.

Here quality over quantity does matter.

At the day one, you’re thinking to develop good habits for your own. You’re starting with 5 habits but at the end of day 7, you are with only 2 habits.

So where the other habits disappeared?

This happened just because of the rule of quality over quantity.

Once you’re starting to develop your good habits then you should only start with less quantity where you can focus more on them, not with a huge quantity where your focus is getting divided into all of them.

How 'focus' play a role here?

In short when you focus on one thing then you can make it better but when you try to focus on multiple things at a time then you just get distractions from many things.

So multitasking is not a good option here to choose during this topic.

So should you overlook that fully?

First of all, it’s up to you what you want. 
Do you wanna get something really good in quality, and if it’s with less quantity then also is that ok for you? Or you just wanna get a huge quantity of that?

I would suggest always go for quality, not quantity.
That is a good choice.

And if you think the opposite one is a better then choose quantity over quality from your own choice.