You don’t need to be an expert writer to hold a habit of writing, if you want to keep your memory in some pages of a diary or in a notebook then you should start a habit of writing today.

And most of all if you love to keep memories then write in pages is one of the best habits to keep your memories.

Either you choose any diary or any notebook to keep your writing anything can be good for you. 
Even today you can keep your writing safely on your mobile or PC.

writing habit

Why should you choose a habit of writing?

It’s one of the good habits to hold for all time. If you search for the history of writing then you can find most of the people used their writing to keep memories and they tried to draw pictures also before any language was invented.

The trend of writing anything is thousands of years old and people started it to keep memories, to remember some things etc.

If you wanna keep your memories to pages of a diary or anywhere through some words then you can choose writing as your passion.

You don’t need to be an expert writer to hold this habit

Sometimes people think they need to be a good writer or they need a lot of grammatical knowledge to write something. But the truth is if you want to keep your memories though some written words then you don’t need these all.

Just to take a pen and paper, that's all you need to keep your memories.

Think you are writing your daily routine to be more productive or you are simply writing about your days, how you’ve spent it.

And for those things you don’t need to be an expert of grammar.

Some good digital medium to keep your writing safely

With each mobile phone, laptop one common thing now a day is noted. Some app where you keep your daily writing. It’s very common with every device nowadays.

Evernote - Evernote is such a place you can install in your pc to keep your writing at a safe place

Google keep is another platform to do the same things, provided by Google itself.

Notes for IOS device is common to keep your notes, writing etc. which comes with the iCloud facility, you can upload your writing inside iCloud with a password. And it’s very handy.