Quora is basically another social media platform like Facebook, Twitter etc. Well, are you hearing it for the first time? Then you need a brief explanation about that right?

So first thing first,

 What is Quora and why you should use it?

purpose of quora

It is a free question and answer platform, where you can get your answer easily by asking other quoran.

Amazed by hearing the name of quoran? It’s these users of this platform called quoran.

Alright, so why people use that?

People find there to answer to questions they want to ask others.

Now if you are a quora user you can add your questions and you can request the other quoran to answer this question if they want.

Simply a notification will be shown in their notification section and if someone wants to add their answer to your questions they will write it.

Isn’t that simple?

So are you also excited to explore more features about quora?

Then keep reading.

Are quora similar to Facebook?

Well, this might be a wrong answer if I will say it’s similar to Facebook, but there have quite similarities with Facebook such as you can message other people associated with this platform and you can follow them as well.

Buy the way the difference with Facebook is a lot more.

Now in quora, you can use some features like space and topics.

Which are make it different than Facebook?

It is basically a search engine like google, you can use it to find your answers. And millions of quora users are there to answer your question.

What is space?

purpose of quora

If I have to explain to you then it can be easy to tell you that, quora space is similar to a page of Facebook. 

You can create one, invite your followers to join it and can share articles or post as per your interest.

Do you know initially when quora have launched that feature then it was available for all active quora users but now if you wanna get that feature in your account then you have to contribute some answers on that platform and then only you’ll be eligible to get that feature.

So now the last thing I wanna tell you about this platform,

How you can use quora to increase productivity?

Well if you’ll become an active user of this quora platform then you’ll find a lot of people with the same interests as yours. 

This is what makes it fun and interesting.

If you are going to search an answer and even if it is not available to any search engine then you don’t have to search for it in too many books or magazines, 
Just put your questions in quora and request other people from the same interests and someone will give your answer.

That is how you can use quora to save your time to find your answer and become more productive.