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A few words about me

I know how a person with low self-confidence and negative attitude look like, and also know how it feels to face people with a lack of confidence because at a time I was also like you though.

I grew up with an introvert personality and which was the main reason for my public fear.
I read a lot of books and tried every moment to overcome my fear.
I came in touch with some people with such a great personality in my life and also for God’s blessing I could overcome those fear.

What’s the idea?

It’s not an overnight thing which you can achieve in one day or with just a few practices.

It requires consistency and practices.

Have you ever felt that fear is holding you back?

I’m here to share all those ideas which might help you to improve your confidence and gain positivity.

What else you want to know? Join this community.

FollowYourPassion(fyppassion.com) has just started a few times back from now, and started increase slowly with its main motto 'gain love and trust from people', and hopefully we are very much aware to provide you with the information you like to receive from us.

so what's the goal
about us fyppassion


People buy the magazine to read an article, I have started with the aim to provide you with quality content related to Motivation, Self-esteem which you love to receive and read, and we are hoping so. We get the motivation from the connection between you and us.

If you have more queries contact us, I'll try to reach to you as soon as possible.

You can connect with me by this email: fyppassionml@gmail.com  I’ll respond to your email as soon as possible.

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